Rate the mage name above u!

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love frosty nips. 10/10
7/10 though sounds more like a stoned druid name.
8/10 Openheimer knows how to make things go boom (To bad he cant keep secrets)....
8/10 fyrefly is a hot name ...uknow hot as fyre lol i like it myself!
As fire or frost, 8/10.

As arcane gtfo/10.
Sounds foreign. lo
Id give you a 5/10.
6/10 better boomkin name imo
7/10 Why do I think of the Blizzard spell when I see that name?
3/10 Its random.

<-- Fire mage
oooohhh i like it 9/10
8/10 :D
funny cause ur a guy!

btw my name isnt after a vodka, it's after http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_zero

so many people think it's a vodka it makes me sad :( thought it suited a frost mage well

edit: wow this thread is moving quick.

+1 for being Frost

-1 For using Living Bomb as Frost (really no situation when that's going to be good)
-1 For not using Jade Spirit on your weapon - Loshan is worth it!
-1 You have 6870 haste rating, which means you should have Glyph of Icy Veins.
-1 You're using a helm without a meta gem, it has spirit on it. You're better off with a blue.

So, 10 - 4 + 1 = 7/10

I'm being generous with my scoring-- there's a lot you could do to be better but I think the baseline for a quality raider is evident in your efforts thus far. You'll see a lot of improvements probably less so with nitpicky things and more with UI adjustment (which I can't see to comment on).

Edit: Just realized this is limited to 'name' - oh well. You have an accent in the e so 0/10. Also it's Absolut, not Absolute Vodka-- people you know must be idiots.
6/10 It's original yet hard on the eyes to me.
I have had this name since Vanilla.
@ Majinblue - 6/10, but only cause I don't like class names in character names, personal preference. (Assuming its pronounced 'Mage in blue')

@ Skagozeh - gotta follow the rules to get rated!
I like Majinblue but that's just me 8/10 :)
@Corporate um, i don't get it?
7/10 because mages be playing with people's mind.
6/10, it's like a mashup of two words that don't go together.

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