Rate the mage name above u!

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9/10 for cuteness.
9/10 I would not kiz that.
8/10 no im mad
I like it...sounds like lynch.

its nice 8/10
7/10, no alt codes I like that! :D
9/10...simply because I hate those stupid mobs in Mogu'shan Palace that gank/shank and stun you over and over. ARGH.

FYI, my son named mine after his fav char in Metal Gear Solid...not the Mortal Kombat dude.
10\10 just wear MK hat
7/10.....not bad. I have a soft spot for panda mages...
9/10 I like it.
9/10 for nostalgia. (redranger)

8/10 for the panda mage, name makes me think of dewgong.
7.5/10, sounds ok
7/10 for a Mage 10/10 if you were a hunter
7/10. Looks sorta like dangerous
7/10 - Reminds me of Lutharians...

Are you starting a new religion ? LOL
7/10 Harry Potter...really?

Snoochie Boochies!
7/10 Harry Potter...really?

Snoochie Boochies!

Love it! 8.5/10
8/10. What people will do when they see a mage staring them down.
8/10 because z's make everything cool.

Piles? Boring.

Pilez? Hip and edgy.

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