Rate the mage name above u!

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8\10 but mages are NEVER bad Dps..
9/10 Mages are great DPS and i like your name :P
8.5/10 I lol'd at the name good stuff
3/10, I don't know how that name even goes close to being a mage
9/10 I like it

I was gonna judge by ratings and such but since you're 81,
I will rate on looks, haha.
fav pokemon ever 10/10
Mana is Awesome
you get a 10 out of 10 sir
No flaws noticed.... 9/10
10/10 I love swags.
5/10, cause it makes me think of an STD
04/29/2012 11:49 PMPosted by Telepork
5/10, cause it makes me think of an STD

lol, it's adorable.

EDIT: name comes from this http://muffinfilms.com/minimuffins.html
Since you linked that you get 10/10
5/10 all i understood was Pyro xD
6/10, alright show, annoying kid
9/10 Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sounds more like a warrior name to me.
6/10 Because you are a goat.

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