Rate the mage name above u!

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4/10 it seems more of a warlock name.
7/10 if fire.
10/10 I like it a lot.
It would be a 10/10 if we were rating squidface names, but since its not very magelike, 7/10, i still like it though

and this is why i hate worgens no creativity you have mage in your own name and your a dog so you added nips .... /face desk

1/10 ya its that bad

Thats not what I ment by nips hahahah .... /face desk
just irish?

3/10 has nothing to do with a mage.
4/10. -1 originality, -5 contains "brah"
7/10 giggle

Makes me lol. <3 wordplay.

Would be a 10 if you were a blood elf, too bad that ability doesn't exist anymore.
6/10 not that magey and Mages should temper their spells with knowledge and understanding instead of being impulsive.

<Flame Keeper Flame>

Title makes it sexy ;0
5/10 by itself 10/10 with the title
1/10 i just dont see how clump has anything to do with the mage.
6/10 memorable name but seems to be more suited for a warrior maybe. Although magi are flexible...?
7/10 cause its true.

I will be pleasantly surprised if I get a rating any higher than 5 or 6 out of 10, lol.

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