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228 Legionnaires 3 attack, 4 defense +1 attack in choke points or on defenses (i.e. walls).May attack once from ranged with javelins.
136 Archers(4 attack, 3 defense. +1 against unshielded infantry.
200 Lancers 4 attack, 4 defense. +1 attack and defense against archers. +1 attack in open territory, -1 attack in chokes or walls. May use charge to increase attack by 2 for one turn.
50 Librarians 6 attack, 0 defense. May use Arcane Barrier to prevent the next attack made against them.


Surwich Worgen (10 food, 10 metal, 10 gold Conquering Bonus. +1 fish. Settlement ruins - Settlements built here gain a free City Hall.)
92 Guardsmen - (3 attack, 2 defense)
58 Crossbowmen - (4 attack, 1 defense)
50 Druids - (5 attack, 0 defense. May reroll all dice as healing)

Ashok Total Attack: 28 - 3 confined attack +1 overwhelming = 26
Defense: 14

Worgen: 15 +5 Enraged Ferocity = 20 attack
Defense: 4 - 4 Enraged Ferocity= 0 defense

Ashokk Attack: 243 (1-260) - 0 defense = 243 casualties.
Worgen Attack: 193 (1-200) - 62 defense (1-140) = 131 casualties

END COMBAT: 10 food, 10 metal, 10 gold Conquering Bonus. +1 fish. Settlement ruins - Settlements built here gain a free City Hall.

Worgen Annihilated.
Ashokk forces remaining:
172 Legionnaires 3 attack, 4 defense +1 attack in choke points or on defenses (i.e. walls).May attack once from ranged with javelins.
136 Archers(4 attack, 3 defense. +1 against unshielded infantry.
144 Lancers 4 attack, 4 defense. +1 attack and defense against archers. +1 attack in open territory, -1 attack in chokes or walls. May use charge to increase attack by 2 for one turn.
40 Librarians 6 attack, 0 defense. May use Arcane Barrier to prevent the next attack made against them.
Crusader Lord Korfax, escorted by a few of the king's men, knelt before his lord with the upmost deference. Although he was the head of the Empire's military, Korfax was only second in command and knew not to trouble the only person above him.

"Your majesty..." he said, keeping his gaze down. King Eligor seemed to approve his deference.

"No need to kneel before me, Korfax. In fact, it is I who should be kneeling before you." Korfax looked up in puzzlement. The king continued, "You have proven your worthiness during the Reconquista. I have placed you as Crusader Lord for a very good reason. You will be the one to bring Lordaeron to me. A kingdom of Light spreading half the breadth of the Eastern Kingdoms. A thousand two fifty troops are under your command, Crusader Lord. Use them wisely."

Korfax saluted his king, "I will not fail you, your majesty."
Tradeprince Revilgaz enjoyed the view from his seat. The motorized carriage he now sat in trudged noisily through the Jungle of Stranglethorn. Trees, mountains, and rivers whizzed by as the cart rocked through the brush. By his guess, they should have just crossed the Southern Stranglethorn border, and were now beginning to approach Venture city, a plume of black smoke in the distance confirmed his guess.

The Carriage made frequent stops, under the guise of engine failure, when truly it was a signal, to the several Sappers trailing the cart on Stealth outfitted Mechano Hogs. It was strange that the terrorists had not yet assaulted the carriage, it was almost assured that they knew. But then again, these groups could be creative sometimes.

The Cart picked up speed again as the driver kicked it into full gear, tires slashed against rain washed mud. The forestland became thin as they entered the Old Venture Co. Deforestation grounds. Suddenly, a pop rung out from the lefthand side of the thinned brush.

The cart came to a screeching halt, almost falling to the side as it did. A thump was heard as his driver fell from the steering seat to the ground. Grezzik brandished his firearm. "Here we go."

The door was thrown open. A red hooded Goblin pulled him from the cart. Upon gaining his footing, the Tradeprince leveled his rifle at the hooded Goblin's head. The Bloodied Blade emblem of a Sword wrapped around a drop of blood could be seen on his chest. Immediately the hooded figure raised his hands in the air obviously taking notice of the armed Tradeprince.

"Well, well Mister Revilgaz, I cant say Im surprised to see you. I am however surprised to see that you do infect have some semblance of a spine. Now, we all know that I came with many men, my death will only be a drop of blood in the sea of it that will result from yours. Put the gun down. And let's talk."

Revilgaz sighed, obviously this wasn't the average thug he'd have expected from the Bloodied Blade. He'd humor him with a talk, but he doubted he'd get anywhere with him. Anyone with half a grain of intellect that freely followed the deranged ideals of the Bloodied Blade was a lost cause.

"Alright." He said as he lowered his rifle, "What do you want to talk about?"

"Glad you saw things my way." The figure said, he raised his hand back and motioned to his position. Within seconds several weary looking Bloodied Blade soldiers stepped from the humid jungle. They looked tired, underfed.

"Now, we are going to negotiate your terms of surrender."

Revilgaz scoffed, "You might as well kill me."
"Well, hear us out first. You are to sign Booty Bay off to the Bloodied Blade Army, along with Hardwrench Hideaway. Of course you will revoke the title of Tradeprince, I think this world has had enough, 'princes' and 'kings' anyhow."

Revilgaz mulled the idea over in his head, of course he'd never accept it, but it was strange that they would ask for the seemingly unimportant Hardwrench Hideaway instead of the industrial powerhouse of Venture City. "No, any other offers for me to reject?"

"Well Mr.Revilgaz, you forget you will be free to keep your greed infested Portside and Venture City. Moving on however, we also call for the execution of Tradeprince Razdunk and his father-"

"Honestly I wouldn't be totally against that, though life imprisonment seems to be more my style."

"You interrupted me, Mister Revilgaz. I do not like being interrupted by lesser creatures." The hooded Goblin brought his rifle down on the Tradeprince's scalp, breaking skin and sending red blood cascading down his face.

"Furthermore. Your father's corpse is to handed over to the Bloodied Blade for the purpose of demonstrations."

The Tradeprince held his wound, managing to stem the flow of blood. "Lesser creature? For a man who preaches equality, you seem to see yourself as a rather elevated being." Grezzik tightened his grip on his rifle. "As for.. my father." His eyes were red with anger, anger built up over a very bad string of events.

"You're not to touch him, and you'd do best not to touch me again either. You and your ilk claim to stand for something. But in reality, you use it, these ideals for control. Men like you seek control through any means possible, totalitarianism or fascism. And as long as good men live, like my father, you will not use speeches of hate to fool a suffering people. There are many things wrong in this land, in the world, but trading rags for shackles is as bad watching the world burn. I know now that there can be no compromise with extremists, with zealots," The Tradeprince raised his voice so the thugs of the group could hear, "So I say this not to the leaders of this bloody uprising, but to the true common man of the world. Do not forget what our fathers died for on the beaches of Kezan during the Troll revolts, prize your freedom, prize your power to seek your own way in the world. I need help, help to move away from both the greed of the power mongering and the control of the power lusting. We can make our lands one of life and liberty, we can make a prospering land, and we'll do it as free men."

The hooded figure threw his hood off. The blight stained face of Gallywix the younger looked at the Tradeprince with disgust and confusion. "You are an idealist Revilgaz.. just like your father, you did not see the war in the north, you did not see what unbridled greed wrought. I did not think you could understand." He rose his rifle to the Tradeprince's temple. "You could never understand."

A shot was heard throughout Stranglethorn forest.

Units Queued:

Booty Bay Docks:
1 Fising Boat

Tech Queued:

Engineering Corps: Demolisher completed, Siege Tower Started

Buildings Queued:

Venture City:

Booty Bay:
Docks completed

Nation Resources:
Gold: 51
Lumber/Stone: 65
Food: 20
Metal: 215

Income: 11 Gold, 10 stone, 50 metal
Costs: -20 Wood, 15 Gold, 5 metal, 10 food

Southern Stranglethorn
Gold Mines: 1
Quarry: 1
Metal Mines: 1
Farm: 1

1 Fish, 2 lumber, 1 gold (Controlled by Bloodsail)
It was going to be a long day thought Shiv the newly crown Sovereign of the Collective Harpy clans, though she was fairly certain there were still some straggler whom she had failed to locate. But there was little she could do about them for the moment the managing of the new capital came first.

And right now the managing of their newly claimed city involved meeting with Copper Tooth, the de facto leader of the Kobolds and the Goblin Resource Manager Chez Crackis, who represented the goblin interests in their society.

Shiv had no idea why Chez had requested this meeting but she kenw it could not have been Copper tooth, who while rather courageous for a Kobold was still too nervous to approach her without back up.

A knock rang at the door, Shiv's "Palace" was a reasonable large office based of those she had seen on Kezan, glowing braziers hanging from the ceiling, smoke billowing up through the gaps in her roofing. It hung down in the centre of the city via the thorns for which it was named, six massive thorny vines stretched down and out before reconnecting forming a cube shape. It was on these vines that her home was constructed with metal and wood.

Stacks of stolen and looted books where askew as well as a collection of chairs, a desk sat near the back of the room with her own chair hovering in front of it. Her chair which also doubled as her bed was possibly the most Harpy like construct in the room, it hung from the ceiling, was shaped like and egg and she fell asleep in it sitting, just as she had in her nest as a child. It was somewhat different, being smoother on the outside, and with cushions on the inside, the entrance was also wider so she did not have to lean to see outside of it.

"Enter" she intoned, and with that the door swung open and a shaky and nervous Kobold entered, followed at a more sedate pace by Kinter, who look more amused than anything else, there where two Sharp Tlons standing at the door, Shiv waved her Taloned hand in dismissal and they left, as Chez and Copper Tooth gather their chairs.
Godrick, chief architect of New Boralus stood in fornt oh the skeleton of the swiftly rising administration building, a smile plastered to his face. Anyone who caught a glimpse of him would know he wasnt a young man, but all his years in public service had taugh him a great many lesson. "Running a kingdom is like running an army," the old man spaid to no one in particular, "And just like an army runs on its stomach, so to does an empire run on paperwork." Taking a deep breath he watched as his labors scurried like ants ofver the bare bones of what soon would be the center of an ever expanding empire.


Standing on a bluff overlooking the harbor, Tandred Proudmoore stared out across the water of New Boralus. As he watched the waters, he began to hear the faint footsteps growing ever louder. Turning slowly, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras watched as grand admiral Jes Tereth and Leonard McCoy captain of the Rising Dawn, the flag ship of the Kul Tiras’ navy, approached. “Thank you for coming my Friends, soon we will expand from our island and reach out to rediscover our world. The Old Alliances are dead, The Alliance of Lordaeron has fallen, it is time we forge ourselves a new path. Too do this we will need to bring nations to our banner, we shall do this as our ancestors of old did, through the seas. The two of you will be crucial in the success and failure of our fragile nation.” After his long speech the king took a deep shuddering breath, “The world has changed,” the king repeated himself, “I do not know if we as a people shall survive it. You are dismissed.”
With looks equal part confusion and fear the Grand admiral and captain turned to leave without a word. Both were worried about their leader, he seemed scattered, shaken, and afraid. Something was not right with their leader.
With his subordinates gone, the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras turned back to stare at the waters, with glassy unseeing eyes. All he saw was what was the horror show that was playing through his mind. In his mind he replayed the fall of kul tiras daily, every man he lost, every civilian that fell because he was not strong enough to defend his beloved nation. And so tears began to roll down his cheeks as heavy sobs racked the grown mans body.
Building que: Administration (2days)
Research: horse collars

New Boralus Docks:

Nations Resources:

Gold: 0
Food: 110
Lumber/ Stone 55
Metal: 10

Income: 20 food 10 stone +10gold +10 lumber
Expenditures: -20 wood -10 gold -5 metal

Vashyr island resources:

Exploited: 2 fisheries 1 stone 1 gold 1 lumber
Unexploited: 1 metal
Chez and Copper Tooth sat themselves down Chez looking his usual sleazy self with a massive and obviously fake smile on his face, while Copper looked around nervously as though the building was suddenly going to attack him.

Chez spoke "Ah my dear Matriarch, you're-" she cut him off.
"Enough get to the point Chez" Shiv found the Goblins boot licking more annoying than anything else, honestly she'd have thought he'd have figured that out by now.
Smirking he replied "Ah always straight to the point, well then i have two suggestions for you that will aid us all greatly, first"

"No" "I have told you before Bael Modan is to far away for our military to seize and refurbish, especially after the Tauren collapsed parts of it on the damn dwarves and who know what they might have woken up there. Maybe one day once the population of our army has increased but not now."

He looked disappointed for a moment before his massive smirk came back into place. "Well my dear that was actually the second suggestion, the first was that we construct a mine!"

"Listen, we've already gone through all the Quillboar weapons and armour and allot of that was stone, there was some left over form dead soldiers and old forts but we can only get so far by scavenging, i know none of us here are expert on metal but we have experts on mining and combined i think..."

"Chez i agree with you, good idea, you drawn up a plan for this idea yet?" she asked silently amused at the Goblins shock.
The Goblins manager silently passed her a roll of parchment, "Hmm i like this, except for the rather heavy need for our Aeromancer's."
The Aeromancer's much like the Kobold Geomancer's where essentially shaman who rather than talking drew lines used shaped stones and the like, while dance to call the spirit's to their aid. Harpy's sue to have Shaman but most lost their minds in the Cataclysm and most of the remainder left to serve Aviana, an act that had likely resulted in their deaths.
The Kobolds where not even close to compensation on that front where Harpy Storm Hags, had fought with great power and skill the Kobold Shaman could not fight at all they used their powers to aid their people in mining Geomacer's helping strengthen mines and weaken earth while Aeromancer's funnelled air throughout the tunnels.

The Aeromancer's where now being used to funnel the hefty amount's of smoke produced form the many Braziers scattered throughout the city, the smoke would not spread while they chanted and instead floated straight up and out of her subjects way.

"Admittedly losing any of them could be bad for us but that is long term planning the mine isn't even built yet ma'am, by then who knows what might have changed" Chez replied disappointment already noticeable in his tone while Copper seemed terribly upset at the idea of no mining.

"Still we do need metal, you can begin constructing the mine, you will of course all be watched by a Flight and i expect report once a week on progress, try and pick somewhere near the centre of the city."

Both nodded happily, waving her hand in dismissal the tow turned and left. 'Well that was easy, now i just need to pick a Flight, to represent the Harpy's interests in the area.

Building: Mine

The massive, darkened storm cloud would not be seen as natural by any watcher, rising above the miasmic fog that engulfed Hyjal to ooze against the prevailing wind towards Orgrimmar. Its outer fringes bounded upon Mor'shan Fortress and Bilgewater harbor, the system ominously flowed across the landscape towards its final destination. Tempestuous winds followed in its wake like vicious hounds with force to shake the greatest trees of Ashenvale to their very roots and enough power to blow a strong man to the ground. Individuals of all races were forced to take shelter from what would surely be the greatest storm ever seen by mortal eyes. The cloud billowed, darkened to an inky black, and threatened- but no further. Its task was not to be wasted on mere newcomers- no, no Elf nor Orc nor Dragon would taste the fruits of the labor of ages long past, spent waiting for this time since age immemorial.

Sailors upon the Great Sea fled as best they could, but the devastating winds ripped tens of ships apart with a fury of nature augmented by a cold heart of magic. The storm system began revolving as it moved across the ocean- forming a maelstrom amidst the clouds, mimicking the whirlpool it soon halted its eye over. At its arrival, the seas for miles around lashed with a burning excitement, choppy waves forming a barrier to keep all and any foolish spies away, from water as well as air. "Soon... Soon..." whispered the wind as it blew whitecaps along the length of the waves. When the hurricane had precisely matched the mesmerizing turning of the Maelstrom, a great thunderous crash echoed, so loud as to be heard echoing in the forests of Quel'thalas and the sands of Silithus. And the heavens split forth and in their fury released a glowing white torrent of water that confused the difference of water and air, until all that was left of the cloud was a diseased and terrible oily black smoke, which slowly sank to the water after the glowing liquid.

The glowing liquid fell into the heart of the Maelstrom, and shot through its very tip towards the Abyssal Plain lying deep and dormant beneath its great prison. The bore reached the bottom, and kept going, slamming its way and revealing two great doors made of a brightly engraved silver metal, fresh with the sheen of new forging even so many years later. The bore of magic, compelled by its dark watchman, slowly pushed open the great gates, and a flood of the same dark liquid seeped out of the cracks before the Well's magic was extinguished and the great gates slammed closed with the mournful peal of a funeral bell.

The black cloud divided itself evenly and coalesced into individual shapes, shapes that had wreaked terror and vengeance upon this world ages before the Titans and their abominable ilk had dared invade the holiest of sanctums. The Faceless champions and generals howled their approval to the great gates, giving praise unto their Dark Lord.

So close... soon... soon...
Meanwhile back in Darrowmere Forest...

The Scarlet Dawn marched in perfect unison, their boots collectively emitting a thunderous roar. Zealots, medium armored swordsmen, were the majority of the forces, while knights and their horses followed behind. While smaller in number, Crossbowmen were arguably the most dangerous of the troop, each wielding a powerful crossbow crafted from sturdy fel-tainted plaguewood. At the lead was the Crusader Lord himself, clad heavily in silver and scarlet armor and wielding a massive shield and mace. In the distance another army made it's presense known, a presense which was accompanied with an unholy mist. This army wasn't just any unholy force, no, they were none other than the Ebon Blade. Knights sworn to vengeance after the fall of their dark master, alligned against the Scarlet Dawn partly due to their unending blood haze. The two forces met on a dead grassy field, Zealots against Ghouls, Knights against Death Knights, Korfax against Darion Mograine, Scarlet Dawn verses Ebon Blade.
Venture Bay

The grim silence of the mission was not broken by the men, they all knew too well the dire necessity of success. The more perceptive of listeners might be able to hear a far off clash in the city, fires began to burn and screams were heard. The mens' only reaction was a slight increase in the tempo of the creaking oar strokes as they rushed to hurry the job along.

Most of the Kvaldir were still sleeping when the first wave came, and the start of the plan went wonderfully. two clan groups of ships had or were in the process of having bombs attached and the marines were readying their weapons in preparation for an assault on the set of ships farthest away from the others when a reverberating crack of thunder came from the South and shook the boats in the harbor like ragdolls. On land, some buildings damaged by fires collapsed upon themselves at the additional shock.

More immediately important, however, was the burning taper that had been accidentally dropped upon one of the fuses. "Blood of the dragon." Whispered Private Borak Rockheart moments before the fireball consumed his ship and the nearest Kvaldir ship. Seconds later, the other dwarves lit their fuses and left a flaming trail of debris in the path of the ships of the remaining two clans. Shouts from all of the still seaworthy ships indicated that life could be very unpleasant for those dwarves still remaining in the water...

The commander of the marines had, at this point, little option but to order the assault upon the ships out of position and out of surprise.

25 Kvaldir Black Sails 150 hp (3 attack, 2 defense) vs. 200 Marines (Amphibious Infantry): (3 attack, 4 defense) +1 attack and defense when attacking coastal areas or on first attack from a boat.

Kvaldir: 3 attack, 2 defense +1 defense high deck
3 attack, 3 defense


Marines: 4 attack, 5 defense -2 defense climbing up ships - 1 attack scattered assault
Total: 6 attack, 6 defense

Ein attack: 52 damage (1- 60) - 7 defense (1-30) = 45 damage (105 hp remaining)
Kvaldir attack: 25 damage - 10 defense = 15 damage (185 marines remaining)

Kvaldir: (105) 3 attack, 2 defense +1 defense high deck
3 attack, 3 defense


Marines (185): 4 attack, 5 defense -2 defense climbing up ships
Total: 8 attack, 6 defense

Ein Attack: 68 damage - 14 defense = 54 damage (51 remaining)
Kvaldir attack 28 damage (1-30) - 14 defense (1-60) = 14 casualties

Round 2: Ein: 72 damage, wins it. END COMBAT.

Ein forces: 171 marines, 25 functional ships. Riflemen in trouble in rowboats.
Kvaldir Forces: 50 functional ships.
Northern Stranglethorn

A shot was heard throughout Stranglethorn forest.

Gallywix the younger's gun came cascading to the ground.. along with his hand. Half in shock, and half because of blood loss, he collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Revilgaz smirked, and brought his hand up, thanking the sapper that had managed to fell Gallywix in the nick of time. He stepped over his enemy's unconscious body and addressed the Boodied Blade Grunts.

"Now, I'm going to guess that none of you even really cared about Mister Gallywix II's raving of a 'state of the people'. I'm going to guess that you did it for the money. Is this true?"

Grumbling and squabbling could be heard amongst the red garbed men as they began to grow uneasy.

The Tradeprince continued "Now, money is a language I can speak. As is life. So I make this proposition. Any who says so now, is welcome to join the Tradewind armed forces. You'll get a nice pay, and you'll be able to walk away with your lives. Any who refuse.. well my sappers might not like that."

The Tradeprince crossed his fingers, this tactic, while unorthodox, proved to be extremely effective on Goblins in times passed.

Venture City

Baron Razdunk looked over a map of Stranglethorn. Controlling it was his first objective. Unfortunately, he was presented with several unsettling issues. Among them were the Bloodsails, who's numbers had swollen after the Booty Bay Pirate trials. Why The Baron left them alive, Razdunk did not know, but it seemed weakness ran in the Revilgaz family's blood.

The Pirates, while Problematic, dealt with rather simply. The Trolls however. They outnumbered the Goblins ten to one. Their extermination would require… creativity. While Razdunk might have lacked creativity. There was someone he had found that certainly didn't. In fact his creativity bordered on insanity.

This man had made himself known to Razdunk through a letter. Supposedly he was hiding out in the Blasted lands. In the letter he had included an extremely interesting concept. One that could change the world forever.

"Well Mister Atrov. I suppose all I need to do is find you." Razdunk said aloud to himself.

Units Queued:

Booty Bay Docks:
1 Fising Boat completed, Merchant Vessel started

Tech Queued:

Engineering Corps: Siege Tower completed, Trebuchet started

Buildings Queued:

Venture City:
Lumber Mill

Booty Bay:
Farm Completed

Nation Resources:
Gold: 42
Lumber/Stone: 50
Food: 30
Metal: 260

Income: 11 Gold, 10 Lumber/Stone, 50 Metal, 20 Food
Costs: -20 Gold, 25 Lumber/Stone, 5 Metal

Southern Stranglethorn
Gold Mines: 1
Quarry: 1
Metal Mines: 1
Farm: 1
Fishing: 1

1 lumber, 1 gold (Controlled by Bloodsail)


Iron: +1 attack and defense
Patriotism: 25% Faster Resource gathering
Horse Collar: Siege does not slow army movement
BOOM, BABY!: +2 to all bomb type attacks
All that glitters: +15% gold and 10% trade
Magisters Terrace

Shinaria walked through the large halls of the Magisters Terrace, looking around at all the engineers and builders as they constructed. She was here at the request of Tisharia, saying that she had something new and exciting to add to their cities defenses. The Empress wondered what it was that had the woman so excited, but she had guessed she was about to find out soon enough. She had reached a door that went into the lower levels under the Terrace, ever since the Dawnstar was born, new tunnels and areas where made to suit the needs of the city. This was one of them, and seeing as they were so close to the Sunwell here, it was the perfect place for new magic engineering devices to be made.

Before Shinaria could touch the door, it was opened by Tisharia, who had obviously been expecting her "Fantastic timing!" she said, beckoning to the Empress "C'mon,you're gonna love this, Mi'lady!". Shinaria was baffled at first, but shrugged and followed, her plated boots making heavy foot fall sounds as she walked down the series of stares to the larger chambers below.

When she had reached, she was greeted by a sight of around 30 statues, all carved from stone. They seemed in-complete for some workers had only half finished most of them were only half done. Tisharia stood beside the Empress, grinning "Arcane Sentries, these babies are gonna help us in case we get into a jam with the Amani Trolls." Shinaria looked at the work, impressed by what she saw "Seems decent, how long do you think until they are ready?" she asked, looking over to her High Engineer.

Tisharia started to do calculations in her head, Shinaria saw that her lips were moving, whispering different times to herself to give the Empress an answer. When Tisharia was done, she clapped her hand and smirked "Research should take around half a day, given time. We should have these wonders up and running in no time flat!". Shinaria smiled and placed a plated hand on the woman's shoulder "See to it then, Tisharia"


Thal'maris and the strike force that was sent with him arrived at Tranquillien with good speed. They had already began to set up at the remains of the village, workers began to repair buildings and towers while scouts reported of mines near by. One was a gold mine just to the east of Tranquillien, another was just east of the gold mine, a metal mine. Thal liked how close they were, seeing as they were in the hills, they would be easy to defend with archers and a few Dawn Keepers.

With that, the group had continued to work, Tranquillien and the two mines, all of which was going to supply the Dawnstar and their future plans


Tranquillien (City Hall) Que: 1 Day
Metal Mine Que: 1 Day
Gold Mine Que: 1 day

Total Cost: 20 Wood, 5 Gold (Unless it costs something for Metal and Gold Mine too)

Magic Tech: Unit Tech: Arcane Sentries Que: 1/2 a day

Research (Magic)



Gold: 25(Spent 5)
Lumber/Stone: 60 (Lost 20, gained 20 over two days)
Food: 20.5
Metal: 30 (No Gain)
Jes tereth watched with pride as the seas fury slowly slid out of the drydock and into the waters of new boralus bay. The waters were dark today, showing turbulence and unease. Many of the more superstitious sailors were claiming the neptulon grew angry however jes being pragmatic, didn't put any credence to this mumbo jumbo. "there must be a Storm brewing," the grand admiral said to know one In particular.

Slowly she scanned the crowd looking for their king, whom should have been in attendance but was conspicuously abscent. After searching in vain the grand admiral decided to finsih the small ceremony and christenthe shop herself. With a strong voice jes tereth gave a small speech to all assembled. Once the speech concluded, the grand admiral made a bee line straight to her kings quarter. Something was not right.


Building que: admin (1)
Research: demolishers

New boralus docks


Gold 0
Food 110
Wood/stone 55
Metal 5

Income: 20 food 10 gold 10 stone 10 wood
Expenditures 20 wood 10 gold 5 metal

Unexploited resources 1 metal
"That was the one of the worst storms I have ever lived through!' and that was coming from someone who'd lived through the cataclysm.
The massive clap of thunder hadn't helped leaving her poor ears ringing for some time after the storm had passed. Luckily not much damage had been taken to the Harpy settlements outside the Krawl, the worst was some damaged supplies an easily fixed problem.

The true problems had appeared in the Krawl it self the Shaman and the sisters had acted completely erratic unable to quell the storm they had begun growing terrified and disorganised, which had almost plunged the entire city into darkness, with Scared Kobold abandoning their fire posts.
Luckily Copper Tooth the Goblins and her subordinates had been able to keep enough order to stop total anarchy from breaking loose, mostly.
And the whole experience left a bad taste in her mouth it reminded Shiv of the cataclysm, those connected with nature acting strangely unexplained storms that even Shamans could not perceive, or communicate with, and that massive thunder clap. to say the least Shiv was concerned.

It was this that encouraged Shiv's recent decision to send out three flights to scout the Barrens and Mulgore. It was important to know what was going on, in their world.
The three flights wehre made up of, two Sharp Talons, Two Rogues, One Sister, and one Witchwing.

Shiv would be sending them off in half an hour, one to scout Mulgore, one to further scout the thousand needled and the final group to research the Barrens.
If there was indeed some supernatural source to the storm then one thing was certain, she was going to gut the bloody thing for making her head ache.

On the plus side the mine was almost completed and they could begin work soon.
Godrick reclined in his office finally content with his station for the first time, in a long time. Looking around his office, finally an actually office, his eyes dropped to the neat pile of paper sitting on his desk. Briefly looking over the papers, Godrick finally found the paper he was looking for. “It is time to exploit the rich mineral deposits that liter this island and the waters surrounding it. Take this to foreman Wilson with haste,” The chief architect spoke with authority. Rising from his seat the young man took the paper and with a swift bow exited the room.

A large smile spread across godricks face as everything was going right for him. Oblivious to the dire straits that the nation was traversing, Godrick began to hum contently to himself.


Jes Tereth waited respectfully outside her king’s quarters, awaiting her audience. Her calm professional demeanor was but a mask concealing the worry that broiled underneath her flesh. The gnarled claw of worry slowly crawled up spine the more delayed her audience became. After a half hour of waiting she decided waiting was no longer an option. With head bowed, the Grand Admiral of the Kul Tiran navy, slowly made her way into her kings bed chamber.

When her eyes fell to her king’s bed, her heart stopped. Surrounding the prone form of her king stood many worried attendants, advisors and healers. The only noises that could be heard were the hushed voices of the spectators, and the labored breathing of their king. Quietly she went over to her kings bedside. With eyes full of pity she looked over the battered form of her king. His pallid form writhed underneath his thin sheets. Sweat poured from his face as Tandred appeared to be tormented by some unseen force.
Going to the chief healer, The Grand Admiral spoke in a hushed voice, “What has befallen our king?”

The healer whom she didn’t recognized spoke in a raspy voice, “We do not know Grand admiral, The king has not awaken from his sleep.” Pausing for a second, he took a step closer and lowered his voice to a bare whisper, “There is Tainted magic at work here. The king seems trapped in a nightmare, he cant escape from, He is beyond any aid we can muster on the islands.”

The words hit her like a mailed fist. Her began to race a mile a minute as the implications of what had happen sunk in. The King had know air, and their wasn’t a clear line of succession. Most would turn to her for leadership, but others would look to the various nobles for leadership. “The nobles,” she thought to herself, “Those inept wind bag would run this fledgling nation into the ground if they took the reins, this cannot be!”

“Who knows of the king’s condition?” Jes replied

“Only his attendants, and the healers my lady.”

“Good keep it that way, no one leaves this complex. I will post a contingent of guards at the entrances for security purposes. It seems we must reach out to the main land for aide. I will begin making my preperations immediately.” Without another word, the Grand Admiral of the Navy turned on a heel and make her way down to the docks and out to her fleet.


By the time she reached the docks, Grand Admiral jes Tereth had already sealed the king in with her most trusted men. As she prepared herself to board the newly christened ship, The Storm Herald, she was waylayed by one of her officers. “Ma’am” the man sputtered out of breath, “Naga have been sighted marshaling their forces at the edge of the island.”

Letting loose a series of colorful curses that would have made even the hardiest of sailors flush, the Grand Admiral regained her composure. “If they have followed us here, we shall make them regret that decision. Gather the men, we shall meet them on the beaches and they shall learn the fury of the seas.”

With a salute, the officer sped off to follow orders allowing Jes Tereth to continue on her way

Leonard McCoy watched from the helm of the Rising Dawn as the Storm Herald slid out of the dry docks. McCoy marveled at the efficiency of the Kul Tiran craftsmen. “In Stormwind, It would have taken a week for a ship of this size to be made, in New Kul Tiras, the ships roll out in a day…. Crazy b@stards,” The grizzled sailor spoke in reverence.

A half hour later, the Storm Herald, gently glided alongside her sister ship the Seas Fury, taking up position alongside the rising Dawn. On cue, planks dropped from the sister ships to the Rising Dawn. With an urgency that supirsed Leonard, the captains of the two ships as well as The Grand Admiral quickly made their way to him.

The look in Jes Tereths eyes betrayed the seriousness of her meeting. “To the Cabin then,” Leonard spoke. When the door shut, The Grand Admiral of the Kul Tiran navy divulged all to the three captains. Holding nothing back, she discussed the kings condition and the emergence of the Naga.

The Nation of New Kul Tiras stood upon the razors edge

Building que: Mine

Research: Siege Towers

Gold 5
Food 130
Wood/stone 65
Metal 5

Income: 20 food 10 gold 10 stone 10 wood
Expenditures: -10 wood -5 gold

Unexploited resources 1 metal


500 Sailors
200 Sea Dogs
275 Cross Bowman
100 Hydromancers
25 Scouts

Northern Stranglethorn

Tradeprince Revilgaz let loose a sigh of relief as the fifteen men surrounding him took his offer. Of course they'd have to be watched under close scrutiny, and it wasnt all that much firepower for the cost. But, they had information. With them, Through them the Tradeprince could unite Booty Bay, and take the pirates on directly.

The Tradeprince had his sappers haul Gallywix II onto his cart. He'd have him questioned immediately. With no further ado, he rode the cart back to Booty Bay, Gallywix in tow.

+15 Military
10 Bruisers
5 Sappers

Booty Bay

It felt good to be back thought Tradeprince Grezzik Revilgaz as he sat in his office. The docks had since been rebuilt, along with his father's statue, a thing that had been broken since the Cataclysm. A fishing ship could be seen from his window in the distance. Between that and the Venture Company farm, The People of Booty bay were no longer starving, and the Bloodied Blade army was quickly loosing traction.

With domestic problems almost handled, attention could now be turned to more.. worldly goals. A merchant ship had been built in his absence, and now another was on its way. The former had been commissioned to sale a ways from shore, despite the choppy seas, Revilgaz wanted to make sure his sailors had proper training before the legendary Goblin Tradefleets rose from the ashes.

The Dawn Trader, Trade Ship of the Tradewind Cartel

This was a bad call, thought Captain Zibil. Had he not insisted to The Tradeprince that The Dawn Trader be tested before being sent to foreign seas, he wouldn't be in this mess. Now, the raging water under the ship propelled them Eastward. Even the wind pushed them mercilessly in the direction.

Should the ship keep on its path, then they'd reach the place all sailors fear. The Red Reaches. If the coral didn't get you, the tide sure as hell would. Captain Zibil had no intention of ending up like the Gilnean navy.

"Ready yerself mateys. If the wind pushes too fast to shore. We abandon ship.. No need to tell the land lubbers back home yet though. Don't want to get on anyone's badside if the wind relents.. Arr"

Units Queued:
Booty Bay Docks:
Merchant Vessel Completed, Merchant Vessel Started

Tech Queued:
Trebuchet Completed, Precision started

Buildings Queued:
Venture City:
Lumber Mill Completed, Lumber Mill Started

Nation Resources:
Gold: 18
Lumber/Stone: 30
Food: 50
Metal: 310
Income: 11 Gold, 20 Lumber/Stone, 20 Food, 50 Metal
Costs: -35 Gold, 30 Lumber/Stone, 0 Food, 0 Metal

Southern Stranglethorn
Gold Mines: 1
Quarry: 1
Lumber: 1
Metal Mines: 1
Farm: 1
Fishing: 1
1 gold (Controlled by Bloodsail)
The former outpost buzzed with activity as orcs readied themselves, the memory of dark skies still fresh in their minds. Shaman filled the air with chanting as the orcs prepared for the worst.
In the midst of it all, Kargron found himself seeking the High Shaman for the first time since they had originally stormed the outpost. The spirit obsessed orc had sequestered himself in a corner of the growing fortress, his hut surrounded by those of his students and fellows. The pungent scent of burning herbs permeated the air around the building.
The orc was deep in a trance when he entered; his body completely stilled, eyes open yet unseeing. The overlord merely stood and waited, knowing the orc would come out of it in his own time.
When the shaman finally fell back to himself, his body swaying as if uncertain of its own stance, Kargron cleared his throat.
“I have cast my gaze towards the mountain, but the veil that covers it masks all,” Stonecaller shook his head in amazement, “The spirits speak in terror, their words beyond my reach.”
“What of Mor'shan, are we in any danger?” The last time Kargron had heard of problems with the spirits Orgrimmar had been attacked by elemental armies.
“The spirits are scared, but I do not believe we are in danger yet,” The shaman's face seemed to sag beyond its years, “But they have seen a power coming far greater than us.”
Nodding, Kargron turned and left. In his mind he put the orc's words aside, a worry for the future. For the moment there were more immediate dangers.

Northern Barrens
Ashgrin returned to friendly territory aggravated. Even the warriors were subdued, walking silently behind. The small army had encountered no enemies, anywhere along the road. While scents had been found, they were too far afield to be chased.
So they had returned home, their hearts empty with glories unearned. There would be no celebration tonight, no glorious reunion nor cheerful brawling.
Only the long wait for another chance at battle.

- - -
Days since Last Post: 2
Building: Mor'shan: City Hall
Tech: None
Resource Use: -20 wood -5 gold
Last Night:

Under the cover of darkness, Grand Admiral Jes Tereth led the forces of New Kul Tiras, to their rendezvous point. Ahead of the columns of men 25 scouts rode on horseback making sure the way was clear and too gather intel on the Naga forces. The veterans warriors marched in Absolut silence, only the sound of gentle waves splashing ashore could be heard on this cool clear night. After an hour, Jes Tereth and her men finally arrived at their destination, a large sand bar. The bar stretched into the seas some 300 yards and was some 50 yards in width. With the ease of a veteran officer, The Grand Admiral began arraying her forces into combat formation. Forming a crescent shaped arc, Jes positioned her 500 sailors as the center of her force with the 200 seadogs split among the vary ends. Behind the ranks of foot soldiers stood her 275 archers and 100 hydromancers whom would reign death from afar.

By the time her men had assembled her scouts returned. “The naga are loosely situated on the small rock out cropping some 200 yards out. They seem to be milling idley but for all I know that is how they prepare for battle,” the out of breath scout reported. With a nod Jes Tereth dismissed her scout and turned to her second in command the grand admiral ordered, “Relay that information to the ships, they are not to fire until I give the signal.” Lighting a small lantern, the second in command began signaling the small fleet that had been shadowing them in the bay. In response, three small lights began to flash back at her.
Looking out in the distance, the grand admiral noted that that it would soon be dawn. The false light of dawn slowly began to grow out from the east. Jes ordered her hydromancers to summon their elementals and prepare to strike. As the light began to intensify, the rock outcropping was illuminated. The small island wall swarming with naga of every color and description. Wanting to catch them off guard, The grand admiral raised her scimitar and gave the order. A single burning arrow arced across the heavens.

The more intelligent Naga might have realized the trouble they were in when the signal shot through the sky, however the majority were left in bewilderment. They were quickly pushed for their stupidity. With the sound of a thunderclap, the small navy unleashed their devastating rounds aimed at the vile naga. In unison, the close to 400 ranged foot soldiers let loose their arrows and spells. As the attacks hit home, the naga forces erupted into activity. The writhing mas quickly made formed ranks and began to counter attack.

As the vile masses were sent into motion, a feral grin spread across the Grand Admirals face, a hunter ready to slay her prey.


Building que: City Hall (west end of the island)

Research: Glaive Thrower

New Boralus Docks: Galleon

Gold 0
Food 150
Wood/stone 45
Metal 50

Income: 20 food 10 gold 10 stone 10 wood 50 metal

Expenditures: 40 wood 15 gold 5 metal

Vashyr Island resources exploited
Venture Bay

From the south, the thunderclap ripped out from the south and howled across the lands the Siddarmark Republic had claimed for its own.

In Venture Bay, the flame-strewn waters of the harbor were churned up by the tempest. The combatants on their boats were rocked back and forth, hunkering down until the stormfront had passed. In the city itself, fighters were blasted back for a brief time before surging back to their combat with renewed fury. Soldiers in Fort Conquest, politicians and wealthy merchants in Voldrune, the garrisons of Gjalerbron and the Gjalerbron Mines, the legionnaires and worgen peering out from behind their ramparts at the shrouded forests on the eastern side of the river, all felt the blast.

In the naval battle occurring in the confines of Venture Bay's harbor, the squadron of Kvaldir ships captured by the Marines was turning about, preparing to make a run at the two ship squadrons that had not been taken. Orders were given to pick up any crossbowmen they picked up on the way. On one of the ships, the commander of the Marine detachment stood at the foredeck, speaking into a spellstone imbued with a communications portal spell. The device had been created by several mages of the Kirin Tor that had joined up with a nascent Republic.

“All ships, this is Major Thorvaldson. Sweep through, and pick up any boats of crossbowmen you can find. Make sure that they bring any unused charges on board, and switch to incendiary ammunition for your crossbows. Avoid getting immobilized or tied down with boarding actions. Commence attack.”

The squadron of ships swept through the dark, mist-shrouded waters. Occasionally, a hull would loom out of the fog and a squad of marines would fire off bolts wrapped in flaming oil-soaked rags at the new target. Boats of crossbowmen and their gunpowder charges were also picked up wherever they were found, and the squadron continued ahead, seeking to break out of the harbor.

Voldrune Armory

Brigadier General Theisman made his way through the foundry floor, looking raptly at the cannons being cast. The reinforced iron barrels were intended to fire a 65 millimeter shell with extreme force, and he had been informed that that the new pieces could probably be shipped to Venture Bay within a couple of weeks- about the same time that the new plate iron armor was supposed to ship to units across the Siddarmark Republic.

“How is the progress on the shells?” he queried to the civilian liason.

“As well as can be expected.” came the reply. “Keeping the explosives from detonating when they were fired was tricky, but we overcame the problem with the use of an inertial shear on the firing mechanism.”

“Are they in full production?”

“Yes. We should have enough stockpiled for several major battles by the time our first cannons ship out.”

“Very good. Keep me informed of progress.”

Days since last post: 4

Military Queued:
25 Field Artillery
Cost: x metal

Tech Queued:
Advanced Saddles Completed
Gliders Completed
Training In Progress

Buildings Queued:
Conquest Hold:
Barracks Completed
Stables In Progress

National Resources:
Gold: 10.5
Lumber/Stone: 12
Food: 61.5
Metal: 26.5
Income: 0 Gold, 42 Lumber/Stone, 42 Food, 42 Metal
Costs: -0 Gold, 20 Lumber/Stone, 5 Food, x Metal

Western Grizzly Hills
1 Lumber
1 Farm
2 fish (Controlled by Kvaldir)

Northern Howling Fjord
1 metal
1 stone
1 gold

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