Clannad, opinions?

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Debating whether I should watch it or not. After finishing Angel Beats!, I'm not sure the emotional shields preventing me from shedding manly tears can take another tear-jerker like that. So opinions on Clannad? E.g. likes, dislikes. (NO SPOILERS :P)
The first series of clannad isn't overly sad except for a scene with a briefcase. But After story is different im pretty desensitized when it comes to emotional or sad stories movies as a result of browsing 4chan for years but two scenes still result in !@#$% tears every time. If you are just looking to feel sad and cry this show is right up your ally. /a/ will say its forced mellodrama but its a pretty good watch if you are spoiler free for all of after story. I would suggest dling the series via torrent if you can or just try to avoid reading comments if you watch on websites like youtube or wherever just because people enjoy spoiling shows.

If you like clannad and want another tear jerker Air is another option.
Dont forget Chrono Crusade, especially the last few eps in the series being tear jerkers :O

The 2nd season of Clannad is a real tear jerker in itself.
In your current condition I would recommend you go watch Grave of the Fireflies

trust me
In your current condition I would recommend you go watch Grave of the Fireflies

trust me

don't listen to this guy

he is clearly and Evil F$#@ and is trying to get you to commit suicide
The anime is really good, more so the second part of it, which has to do with Clannad's After Story part of the VN. I'd recommend the Visual Novel more, just because I think there's more emotional impact and the OVAs of certain characters aren't done well compared to the VN. The anime is still really good though.

Though if you want more of an emotional roller coaster, keep an eye out for an anime called 'Little Busters!' in the future. It's also a VN done by the same people who made Clannad, which recently got an okay to turn into an anime. While I didn't think Clannad couldn't be beat after I finally read the Visual Novel, Little Busters! I think is just as good, if not, even better.
You won't cry much in Season 1. It has its moments of sadness where you will feel bad for certain characters...and then there is After Story

In After Story you will realize that your body is giving you the big finger and doing it repeatedly!
So this isn't about the Irish folk group then...
05/22/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Mondas
So this isn't about the Irish folk group then...

Yes, so sad . . . go listen to "Harry's Game" by the wonderful Irish group Clannad!

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