what to do with extra conquest points?

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I know there are plenty of threads about converting conquest to valor points and vice versa. You can buy conquest points with valor points but not the other way.

I am unsure why this is so. Many people in other threads have stated they would like to try pvp but don't want to go up against fully geared (with lots of resilience) players of the opposite faction. And I can fully understand that as even my fully geared players with 5k res often get smashed into oblivion during pvp. Some of the players that want to try pvp are lucky because they can buy conquest points with valor points and then purchase decent pvp gear. Alas it doesn't work the other way.

I have fully geared pvp players that I would like to take into heroic dungeons. But in pvp gear they aren't able to work as efficiently as other players in the group that are more appropriately equipped. ie: my dps is low compared to others or my paladin is unable to dodge, block, parry, etc and be used as a tank.

As mentioned I state my players have full conquest points gear. But they do not have elite gear. To get elite gear I must obtain a fairly high arena rating, which is quite difficult to do.

What I do have is a few extra conquest points and nothing to spend them on. I would like to buy some valor point dungeon gear but cannot convert my conquest points to valor points. I would also like to buy elite pvp gear but can't due to my low arena rating.

Is it possible for the game designers to allow us to buy valor points with conquest points so we may purchase dungeon gear to use in dungeons?

Is it possible for the game designers to allow us to buy elite pvp gear if we have accumulated a certain amount of conquest points during the pvp season? ie: we have to make 25000 conquest points in pvp before we can buy elite gear. The points must be made in pvp via random bgs or arenas and cannot be points that have been purchased with valor points.

Obviously you would not be able to buy elite gear until you had a complete set of conquest points gear. And you would have to trade in your old gear and pay the difference for the elite gear, much like you do now.

Alternatively if that is not an option, can you provide gems that are similar to the ones found in heroic dungeons and sell them for conquest points. Then a pvp player can purchase these high quality gems and have them cut by a jeweller to make the +50 (stat) for their own use or to sell.

I know you can buy gems with stats from the conquest vendors. However, they are limited in their value. Allowing us to buy the raw gem and have them cut, would allow us to get gems that are more suited to our individual players.
I am interested in the same topic. Great post. Sorry no one has any answers.
i have 76k conq left, inc many golds on mop launch ^^.
Very much on the same train as you.

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