403 HM Elemental Shaman LFG

Guild Recruitment
You must be 6/8 HM at least.

I currently have a 403 5/8 Elemental shaman with a 395 Off Spec (Resto). I can play any spec however, only look to play Elemental as main. I have almost every class I can play them all, some better then others of course.

About me

All Wrath Drakes minus Naxx.
11/12 HM ICC
6/7 HM FL
5/8 HM DS

I did take some breaks throughout my wow career and have been pretty casual for most of Cata therefore explains the lacking in boss kills. I wasn't raiding at Fireland's so I switched my main over to Shaman to help some friends raid so pretty casual guild at the time, but still getting some kills they do pretty well for casual raiding guild.
Here's my old main with kills:
I can play either of them come MoP.
The breaks in the different tiers have been down to RL problems (mostly school/work) however, I am now looking to join a serious raiding guild that is dedicated towards MoP progression.

Also, only a few more weeks until I finish my Staff quest if your guild can help me finish that, that's a huge plus!

Raid times are not a problem and I am willing to transfer. I am obviously not looking for a bench spot however, I understand that you must earn your spot in a raid.

Add me on Real ID - shorty_101_66@hotmail.com or respond here.

Please don't post if your not at least 6/8 HM.
<Blasting off Again>

25man 6/8HM Late Night PST Guild. Solid Progression on Spine. (3rd Plate 2nd lift every attempt)
Solid group of people who enjoy vulgarity and everything in between. we all enjoy long walks on the beach and doing lines of !Co-Caine! off each others bodies. (Example) We all give 110% percent when its raid time! while managing to have fun.
Have solid attendance we do count on every raider to be available every raid night but we do understand things come up.
Give you're all during raid bare minimum will not be accepted here.

Monday - Thursday 10PM-1AM PST.

<Needs/Core Spots>
Arcane/Fire Mage. (Immediate Need)
Balance Druid, Restoration Druid.
Frost/Unholy Death Knight(Immediate Need)
Discipline Priest.
Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration Shaman
Survival Hunter.
FAIR! Loot Council.

<Contact us / Apply!>
RealID: Davie.Chavez@yahoo.com
Site: BlastingoFFAGain.net
Hi Shamvandam. We are in need of a skilled elemental shaman in our core group. I will send you a realid request so we can talk.

Our group is currently 6/8heroic. We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 830pst (1130 est)

Add me to realid if you don't get my request: thripper10@excite.com

You can also apply on our website at http://teamelite.guildlaunch.com/
Hi Shamvandam

I miss u.

Hey I spoke with you earlier.

6/8H with 8/8H experience.

tues/wed/thurs with sunday as cleanup.

8:30-11:30 EST

<Semantics> is a Horde 25-man progression guild on the PVE server Area 52. We were formed as a group of like-minded individuals who genuinely enjoy all aspects of the game. In addition to our main raid group, we have groups who run Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, and old content. Many of our members are among the highest achievement point holders on the server - we like to run achievements. To clarify, we are a progression guild that likes to do achievements. We find that achievements make the game more interesting, and make some encounters more enjoyable than they normally are.

8/8 Heroic 25m

Point of Contact
Officers: Sauce, Thewhitefox, Breadtower

We are currently seeking the following classes (RELIABLE PEOPLE) to fill our raid roster.





Raid times
7:30-11:30 EST

PVP Information
We currently are running Rated Battleground groups (serious and casual)on off-days. We are looking for PVPers to help fill these slots for a more consistent group. Please contact Sauce for more information.

To get more info or apply, go to http://www.semanticsguild.com
Please review the below details and contact us if you are interested in setting up a vent interview.

Ascent is currently recruiting a CORE RANGED POSITION:

ELEMENTAL SHAMAN - full time core position.

Ascent is a 10 man raiding guild (Level 25) on Earthen Ring.
Old School Friends and Family in their 20's, 30's, 40's.
Working Adult, Drama Free Environment.
Years of end game raid experience.

Currently 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul content. Working on Heroic Blackhorn.

Raid Nights:
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
8:00pm to 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Raiders need to be available at least 2 of the 3 nights.

Loot Distribution:
Suicide Kings /w attendance

Leadership of Ascent:
Mixtli - Guild Leader
Nelang - Officer
Bïtsy - Officer

Contact Information:
Whispers/In Game Mail: Mixtli, Nelang or Bïtsy (alt139)
Website: http://ascent-er.guildlaunch.com
Website Email: ascent.earthenring@gmail.com
Real ID: eric.dietsch@gmail.com
Server: Nordrassil (PST)
Guild Name: <Dis Pater>
Raiding Schedule: Tues-Thurs 6:30-10:30 PST(server time) invites go out at 6:00
Faction: HORDE 10man
Progress: 8/8 7/8 heroic

What our Guild can offer:

* A relaxed, fun and CASUAL raiding environment
* Adult, mature players to interact with
* A great sense of community and belonging
* Ventrilo
* level 25 guild perks
* A solid reliable raiding group
* Lots of purple loots
* paid repairs/flasks/food

Ideal Candidates:
* Healer/Ranged
* Are mature, over 18 years
* Possess a working microphone
* Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode
* Skilled Player – Skilled in the class that you play
* Excellent Attitude – No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset
* an understanding that guild progression is more important than your new purple

Current Needs:
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin
Ele Shaman

Exceptional Players always considered

Contact: Mawnty real ID lsorensen40@gmail.com for more information
http://dispater.guildlaunch.com to app or you may contact any officer of Dis pater
Guild <One O One> is a 25man Alliance guild on server Stormscale (PvP).

#1 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the server.
We are 6/8 HM DS 25 man.
We are 6/7 HM (7/7 Norm) Firelands.
We are 9/13HM Cataclysm bosses.
We are the 1st Alliance Guild to kill Al'akir 25man on the server.
We are Alliance 1st Ruby Sanctum (25); Server 3rd. RS 10HM Down.
We are 12/12 ICC 25 with 11/12 Hard modes (25).
Lich King HM down on 10-man.

Raid times:

5pm - 8pm PST which translates into 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time(EST)

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm PST
Wednesday 5 pm - 8pm PST
Thursday 5pm - 8pm PST

On Sundays we either run an a HM 10 man or an alt 10 man. It is not mandatory to attend the 10 man.

What we are looking for:

(These are just preferences. If you are not 1 of the classes listed below, don't be discouraged and please read on)

1 DPS (any class works really as long as its not foreign for u to rank on WOL)
1 Tank - Any class works but Warrior would be nice (solid offspec a must)
Healer - Resto Shammy

There aren't specific classes we are valuing above the rest. If you feel you're the type of player we want (description below), we encourage you to apply regardless of what class you are. Guild <One O One> does not recruit players for a "backup" or "bench" position. If you are recruited, you will be raiding.


We use the EPGP loot system that is fair to both the veteran players and the newcomers.


In a few words : This is a place for mature well-mannered people who look to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. To be part of our guild you have to be a good player but even more so a good person.

<One O One>'s raiding atmosphere is rather well-collected and not the abrasive, vulgar type that is unfortunately common in many high-end guilds. We will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made, but we also generally portray ourselves as if we're adults in public.

For the reason that a player's character/attitude is more important to us then their otherwise amazing skills we do not only rely on website applications but also hold interviews "in person" over Ventrilo or within game to have a better feel/understanding of who you are. You are welcome to add me on Real ID (a40691468@hotmail.com) or make a level 1 toon on Stormscale, Alliance side and ask for an officer in guild. There is always someone available for you to talk to. How to contact:


GM: Cayssaelea (Real ID a40691468@hotmail.com)
My alts are:
[ Prisonstylle, Moonria, Michaeljkson, Healasaures, Nepizdisuka, Bakdorampge, Wrapyortotem]

Good morning Sham.

We are in need of an ele sham immediately for out core 10 man team. We are currently 6/8H and raid tues/thurs 8-11 est.

Add brentlee34@gmail.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

unexpectedguests.com is guild website.
Hi Shamvandam!

I don't like to just copy/paste recruitment spam, so hopefully you'll take a look at my post since I wanted to give you a few minutes of my time to show you I am interested in you beyond that.

Our raid times are Tues, Thurs and Sun from 7pm to 11pm CST (8pm to 12am EST) on a 25 man roster. Hopefully that would work for you since I did not see any mention of your availability in your post. The officers are firm with ending on time and never go past raid times which is a huge plus!

Our currently progression is 6/8H in DS, and based on your previous experience in the game, this sounds like it will be a perfect fit for you. We are making progress on Spine, and I should mention...
We had a few app recently but then they totally fell off the face of the earth and we never heard from them again, so we could really use you :D

If you're interested, our recruitment thread can be found here:
Our guild website is: www.ascensioguild.com
Contact via e-mail: aakasha83@gmail.com (Not my Real ID)
Or feel free to come chat in-game. I am pretty much always on, so if you don't see me on Keyona, whisper a member of the guild and ask if I am on an alt.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
We have been looking for a solid elemental shaman for some time now and I think you would be a great addition to our 8/8 H 25 man raid team. This is for a core position not a bench spot. I will not be home until ~5:30 PM EST tonight but would like to speak with you any time after that. Please add me to realid if you are interested.

<Victory or Whatever> is a 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the Whisperwind server. We are currently 8/8 H. Our raid times are Tu-Thurs 7-10 CST. We are looking for a few select players to improve (not fill) our roster for the remainder of this expansion as well as for MOP.

We use loot council to distribute loot with the philosophy that no one person comes before the greater good of the raid. Raiding is a team effort and thus the loot does not belong to the individual but to the raid group. Loot is used to upgrade the group as a whole. We do not play favorites.

On off nights we are still very active. We run firelands to help people finish staffs, we run an alt DS group, we farm old content for mounts/achieves/titles, we level alts, we mess around on beta (have a guild over there too), many of us PvP, etc.

We are currently recruiting all Classes and specs for MOP and Heroic DS. We do have core spots available! We have particularly high needs for:

Tank of any variety
Ele Shaman
Arms Warrior
Unholy DK
*If you do not see your class/spec listed do not be discouraged, as I stated earlier we are looking to improve upon our roster and if you perform well we are interested in talking to you! Please note we are not trying to fill our bench, we are looking for core members who can make a difference.*

To apply:
You MUST have a World of Logs parse and a screen shot of your In Combat UI.
*HEALERS READ* You must provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuff settings of your raid frames and how they show up on your frames as well.

Fill out an application at http://wwvow.guildlaunch.com/


Talk to Crimsonlily, Peejay or myself via real id.

Crimsonlily Tabetha@woh.rr.com (Guild Master)
Peejay Colby_1471@hotmail.com (Raid Leader)
Blaze scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com (Officer) <----- Me
Heya. I'll keep this brief so not to spam your thread: Apples is currently looking for a DPS for a current raid spot, and for the long-haul into Pandaland.

We are strictly a 25 man guild. We are currently 6/8 heroic DS, pushing Spine. Apples has been around since Aug 16, 2007.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 10 CST
and Sundays from 6 - 10 CST

We are recruiting for a raid spot, not for the bench. We do not have bench spots. I keep a lean roster and depend on raiders to show up. Attendance is important. We are a zero-drama guild. We don't tolerate trolls and kiddos in the guild, making us look bad and ruining focus. We take raiding seriously, but at the same time, do it on a casual schedule and like to have fun.

We have every server first possible due to a med-pop server. You can check my feasts of strength to confirm. We are looking forward to progressing into Pandaland :)

If this interests you, please let me know.
Can find more info and/or post and app at www.ApplesGuild.com
Or contact me. My REALID is EllachWoW@gmail.com

Thanks for your time.
Hey there Sham,

Sent you a real id request, so hopefullly we can chat it up 8)

I am looking for a strong ele shaman, for current content as well as MOP. We are a long standing guild (been gm for 5 years ) and 6/8 heroic..(though ship is still a mess sometimes with the glitchy fire lol)....

So im looking for a ele shamn that loves to grind heroics, can pewpew, get out of bad, AND (this is a must) can laugh at perverse jokes...... check us out:


Above is our history, spam etc.... So if youre looking for a home not just a guild....hit me up on real id: dawsondeanna36@gmail.com and we can set up a vent/mumble chat!


GM of GC
Added you in game, add Michaelz473@yahoo.com if you didn't get it. I get the feeling if we chat for a few minutes you will be sold.
Added you in game, add Michaelz473@yahoo.com if you didn't get it. I get the feeling if we chat for a few minutes you will be sold.
We are Late Night Alliance 10 man guild.
The Baelgun Server (PVE) is in PST
Raid times: Tues, Wed & Thurs: 9:30PM-1:00AM PST
Rarely a Monday night clean up. We try to clear by Thursday

Primarily seeking 1 (hybrid dps/healer or strong healer) and 1 strong dps:
Hybrid: Balance/Resto or Strong Holy Pally
DPS: 1 strong DPS prefer a Warlock or Boomkin

Everyone is welcome to apply. We will consider all exceptional applications. On that note we are looking for people that can carry themselves not be carried.

Guild has been together for over three years now and does not recruit anyone under 18 years old.

Current Progression
8/8 Heroic DS
8/8 Normal DS
Also downed Alizabal

We are 7/7N and 6/7HM.

We also downed Occu'Thar.

Progression in Tier 11
We are 6/13 HM. We downed Heroic Halfus, Chim, Altramedes, Maloriak, Magmaw, Cho'gall.

Past Guild Highlights:
11/12 HICC
Realm First Grand Crusader
5/5 MH and 9/9 BT in BC

EPGP will be used for loot distribution. Guild ranks and looting priority is based upon maintaining a 75% minimal attendance. There will be a weekly 10% decay. Off spec and side grade items will be offered for 10%.

All members are expected to maintain a consistent attendance and be prepared for raids. We expect our members to research their class role and the encounter prior to each raid.

Apply at:

Feel free to contact Elvenseeker, Shammertime, Mke, or Velily if you have any questions.
Dawn of the Dead | http://www.dotd.org

Horde | Server: Zul'jin (PVE) | Timezone: EST

Current Progression: 6/8H 3rd Plate on Spine | 7/7 Heroic T12 | 9/13 Heroic T11 | Feel free to armory me for specifics and dates.

We are a 25 man guild, and focus on 25 man raids. We have been raiding since release as a max raid size guild, and will continue to do so.
Raid Times: Our schedule is Sunday-Wednesday 7:15-11:00EST. It is adjusted to meet the current content.


We are a small guild, and we expect high attendance. As such, we recruit people to raid, and desire people who can step in and contribute immediately. We don’t recruit people to sit around, so all spots are for raiders who can expect to be in most every raid.

We are always looking to add exceptional players to our core roster! Feel free to contact me at williampdennis@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you!
Dont want to copy/paste spam you so I'll keep it short.

We are looking for an experienced ranged DPS to finish the farm of DS and moving into MoP. We have zero mail users and only 2 people on prot token so a good ele shaman would be the best option.

8/8 H
9:30-12:30 EST

If you want more info check out the link below.


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