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Guild Recruitment
I am currently looking for 25M or 10M DS progression guild. I currently sit 5/8 in heroic DS, with my Zonozz kill coming in 10m, and my Hagara and Ultra kills occurring in 25m. The majority of my Cata raiding experience has been in 25m progression, but given the obvious changes to the wow raiding community, I am open to raiding in a 10m guild as well. I have played wow extensively since vanilla. Starting as a hpal in vanilla, followed up by raid leading in BC, and completing 11/12 ICC on HM in Wrath. For the majority of Cata I have pvp'd, and co-lead a 2k RBG team (not playing as prot :P).

Personal Info:

I am 23 years old, and a recent university graduate (economics). I recently relocated for work (Market Research Associate) and have been an avid gamer since I before I even started school. I am Canadian, and a huge hockey fan (Go Leafs Go). I work regular hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 but i live in Alberta (Mountain Time), so my raid availability is 8pm - 3am EST. I cannot raid most Friday/Sat nights.

Reason for leaving current guild:

As with my previous guild, they are making the switch to 10M. I have been partially-included in the 10M group, but given the large number players pushing for slots it has created an uneasy feeling for raiding. Although the people in my guild are extremely friendly, I feel like change is needed.

Contact Info:

Realid: kencaidwow@gmail.com
skype: kencaid1
Character: Kencaid (Mal'Ganis)

Contact me here on the forums, skype or in game.


And this is the point where I have realized that I posted on my old paladin and not my actual character!
Sent you a real-id to further discuss joining our guild. :D
Hello Kenkade,

Predominant is looking for an Arm/Fury Warrior to fill a core spot for 25 mans progression for the remainder of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. We are currently 4/8 25M and we are looking for raiders to do a hard push for 8/8 HM's ever since we started as a 25 man guild 2 months ago. As the Guild Master of Predominant, I am extending you an invitation and I would like to personally talk to you (beefaronius@gmail.com).

I encourage everyone I talk to apply at our website (http://www.predominant.us) and if you have questions for our guildies you can ask there and they will ask questions as well. We do offer transfer assistance so if you would like to talk about that as well through RiD we can.

Raid days and times:
Tuesday 7:30-11PM EST
Wednesday 7:30-11PM EST
Thursday 7:30-11PM EST

Hope to hear from you soon.

GM of Predominant
Sorry but..... Go Habs go! If you're interested to join a 4/8h casual guild, please check out my thread !

Here we go.

Fizzcrank - Horde - 7-10 Tues/WED PM SERVER

We're 5/8 HM and Looking for a Arms Warrior.

Request me and leave a note. Mikethepineapple@yahoo.com
Hello Kencaid

My raid group currently has an opening for a DPS, and we have no warriors.

Here is our recruiting blurb with all our basic information and ways to contact us if you would like to talk further about possibilities with us.

Brotherhood of the Traevant - Momentum Raid Team

About Us:
BoT-Momentum is a 10 man raiding group in the Brother of Traevant guild located on Medivh. we have a laid back atmosphere while comfortably progressing around a semi hardcore pace through content. A few of the current roster are what remains of the Cataclysm raid team of Imperium (that was also on Medivh). We acheieved 6/7H - Firelands and The Glory of the Firelands Raider. Now as BoT-Momentum we are looking towards our last 2 DS heroics and what awaits us in Mists of Pandaria.

What we look for in our members:
Positive Attitude
People that focus more on the quality of the people they raid with
Knowledgeable about their chosen class

Raid Times:
Wed, Thurs and Sun
9pm - 12am est

Current Progression:
8/8N 6/8H Dragonsoul

We are looking for:
-- DPS --
Death Knight
Ret Paladin

-- Healers --
None at this time

-- Tanks --
None at this time

Contact Information:
To apply please visit: http://oldguard.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=27832042&gid=236649&gid=236649#27832042 and follow the instructions.

Can contact in game Coralirodeth or Hawkslayer on Medivh

Public Forums: http://oldguard.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=1655251&gid=236649

If you wish to speak via realid please contact Coralirodeth through ingame mail or through our forums
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Hey Kencaid! My name is Kurn and I'm the GM of Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas. We're a 25-man Alliance raiding guild that is currently 6/8 HM in Dragon Soul, with great progress on the third plate. We're looking for skilled and experienced DPS to help bolster our roster -- particularly a warrior, as one of our DPS warriors will be stepping down in just a couple of weeks.

We raid on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9pm-12am ET, with invites at 8:45pm ET.

We have plenty of Canadians in the guild, myself included, and although I'm a Habs fan, there are other Leafs fans guilded as well. ;)

If this sounds good to you, please do check us out:


All other pertinent guild info is below, and I'll also shoot you an email. Best of luck to you in your search!

Kurn :)
GM, Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas
Ask yourself what you're really looking for in a guild.
- Do you really just want "phat lewtz"? Or do you want to be part of a real community?
- Do you want to log on to raid and log off without talking to people you dislike in your current guild or raid group? Or do you want to have a good time while raiding and achieving something with like-minded others?
- Do you want to raid in stony silence or, worse, get nerdraged at? Or do you want a friendly raid atmosphere where people chuckle and laugh and make jokes?

We might just be what you're looking for.
Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild. We are an active guild, both in-game and out, with raids three nights a week (Tues/Thurs/Sun from 9pm-12am ET, invites at 8:45pm), an alt run on Mondays, rated battlegrounds on Wednesdays and LFRs/old content runs fairly frequently.

People are always talking to each other: our guild forums are super-active, we have a sizeable number of guildies on Twitter and many of the members also have active blogs. Several members play other games together as well, including SWTOR, League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and yes, likely Mass Effect 3 as well. ;)

Along with the community aspect, Apotheosis is a raiding guild that pushes for progression. Under our belts in Tier 13 is a server-first Heroic Hagara kill as well as server-first Fangs of the Father. We are the top 25-man guild on our server. All of this has been achieved in only nine hours of raiding a week.

Current progression:
T13: 6/8 HM (Morchok, Hagara, Yor'sahj, Zon'ozz, Ultraxion, Blackhorn)
T12: 6/7 HM & Glory of the Firelands Raider
T11: 7/13 HM

Where are you located?
We're Alliance-side on Eldre'Thalas-US, a PVE/EST server. Our website is: http://www.apotheosis-now.com/main/

What are you looking for?
Skilled & Experienced DPS
1 Warlock
1 Restoration Shaman
1 DPS Warrior or Retribution Paladin
1 Feral Druid tank

All appropriately-geared and experienced DPS classes are welcome to apply.

When are your raids?
We raid 3 hours a night, 3 hours a week for 9 hours of raiding.

Tuesdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
Thursdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
Sundays: 9pm ET - midnight ET

All raiders are expected to maintain 75% attendance (9 of 12 raids in a given month, roughly).

Do you have a "bench"?
We don't have a "bench" but we have people on standby most nights. People are swapped in and out with regularity, officers, raiders and initiates alike. It is rare that you will be sat for an entire evening. Swapouts usually occur around the halfway mark of the raid, around 10:30pm ET, or on a per boss basis. Raid invites go out at 8:45pm and guildies are expected to be online no later than 8:50pm ET so that we can pull promptly at 9pm.

How do you deal with loot?
We use the EPGP loot system with some variations on item costs.

What benefits do I have as a raiding member of Apotheosis?
- Guild repairs available 24/7, not just progression nights
- Seafood Magnifique Feasts dropped prior to every boss pull
- Cauldrons of Battle dropped twice every raid night for the low price of 2 flasks a week
- Raider-ranked members may request enchants and gems for their main spec raiding gear from the guild bank for free
- Steady progression, repeated boss kills
- Reliable raiding schedule. Check our World of Logs calendar and you'll see that we raid very reliably and very regularly: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/97494/
- Doing other stuff with guildies: 85 randoms, alt runs, arena or rated battlegrounds. We're a very active guild with a lot going on!

How do I apply?
Head over to our website at:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask:

Email (no RealID, sorry!): kurn@apotheosis-now.com
Twitter: @kurnmogh

Guild Master, Apotheosis (A)
Eldre'Thalas (US), PVE/EST
Hey Kencaid,

<Overrated> would really love to speak with you about a core position in our 6/8H 10 man raid team. We're making fantastic progress on Spine and hope to be finishing Dragon Soul very soon, but we have recently lost our Arms Warrior due to real life issues.

If you're interested in going for gold in MoP and finishing off DS strong, please don't hesitate to add me on Real ID at msuesser@live.com, or contact our GM at fooball_71@yahoo.com.

We hope to hear from you!
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Hi Kenkade my guild has an immediate opening for a ret pally. We are a 10 man guild 8/8 heroic dragon soul. Here is the link to our recruitment post with all of our info http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2353265877 or check out our site www.axiomofantonidas.com any further questions please feel free to contact me.

We raid Tuesday-Thursday 6-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST)
Guild <One O One> is a 25man Alliance guild on server Stormscale (PvP).

#1 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the server.
We are 6/8 HM DS 25 man.
We are 6/7 HM (7/7 Norm) Firelands.
We are 9/13HM Cataclysm bosses.
We are the 1st Alliance Guild to kill Al'akir 25man on the server.
We are Alliance 1st Ruby Sanctum (25); Server 3rd. RS 10HM Down.
We are 12/12 ICC 25 with 11/12 Hard modes (25).
Lich King HM down on 10-man.

Raid times:

5pm - 8pm PST which translates into 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time(EST)

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm PST
Wednesday 5 pm - 8pm PST
Thursday 5pm - 8pm PST

On Sundays we either run an a HM 10 man or an alt 10 man. It is not mandatory to attend the 10 man.

What we are looking for:

(These are just preferences. If you are not 1 of the classes listed below, don't be discouraged and please read on)

1 DPS (any class works really as long as its not foreign for u to rank on WOL)
1 Tank - Any class works but Warrior would be nice (solid offspec a must)
Healer - Resto Shammy

There aren't specific classes we are valuing above the rest. If you feel you're the type of player we want (description below), we encourage you to apply regardless of what class you are. Guild <One O One> does not recruit players for a "backup" or "bench" position. If you are recruited, you will be raiding.


We use the EPGP loot system that is fair to both the veteran players and the newcomers.


In a few words : This is a place for mature well-mannered people who look to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. To be part of our guild you have to be a good player but even more so a good person.

<One O One>'s raiding atmosphere is rather well-collected and not the abrasive, vulgar type that is unfortunately common in many high-end guilds. We will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made, but we also generally portray ourselves as if we're adults in public.

For the reason that a player's character/attitude is more important to us then their otherwise amazing skills we do not only rely on website applications but also hold interviews "in person" over Ventrilo or within game to have a better feel/understanding of who you are. You are welcome to add me on Real ID (a40691468@hotmail.com) or make a level 1 toon on Stormscale, Alliance side and ask for an officer in guild. There is always someone available for you to talk to. How to contact:


GM: Cayssaelea (Real ID a40691468@hotmail.com)
My alts are:
[ Prisonstylle, Moonria, Michaeljkson, Healasaures, Nepizdisuka, Bakdorampge, Wrapyortotem]

We're currently recruiting for our 25man Heroic DS progression, with that in mind we've also opened recruitment for MoP preparations.

We are 6/8 heroic and working on Heroic Spine of Deathwing ;)

^ here is my recruitment topic, check it out for more detailed information.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12 EST
Hi Kencaid,

<Who is John Galt> is specifically looking for a talented and dedicated warrior for a core spot in our 25man raids.

Raid Times
Tue, Thurs and Sun - 7 to 11 PM PST (server time).

We run optional H FL for H Rag on Wed for mounts/achievements

Currently, we are 6/8 25 man heroic Dragon Soul and have 8/8 H achievement in 10 man.

Just got 6/8H last week... next up is SPINE!

We are top 25man guild on our server, and we are dedicated to 25man progression.

Our guild has been around since 2006, we plan on raiding through the end on Cata, and we will be raiding into MoP and beyond.

Check us out at --

Guild Leader = Fayenoor = sayantan.bhattacharya@gmail.com
Recruitment Officer =Tahnaya = tahnayathemage@gmail.com

Feel free to add either of us on RealID and have a quick chat anytime about the position.

For your convenience, here's a brief description of our guild.

-----<Who is John Galt?>
- Level 25 Horde 25-man Raiding Guild in US-Suramar (Pacific PvE PST server)

We started raiding in 2006 with Karazhan being our first raid as a guild. We ultimately finished TBC as only the second guild to kill M'uru in Sunwell plateau prenerf. In Wotlk, we achieved the following server firsts:

Server First Light of Dawn - (heroic Lich King 25 kill)
Server First Heroic Halion 25-man.
Server First Heroic Nef 25-Man
Server First Sinestra 25-Man

We are 13/13 Heroic in Tier 11 Cataclysm and 7/7 heroic in Tier 12, and are sitting at 8/8 heroic T13

Loot System:We use EPGP as our loot system. This is a fair attendance based loot system with no rank based biases, which means the more raids you attend, the more loot you will get. If interested contact Fayenoor or Tahnaya in game for more information.
Hey whats up Kencaid. I read your post and think you may like it here with us. We are currently looking for some good melee dps.

Our group is <Graphic Content> of Madoran (PVE). We are a 25 man, adult, Alliance raiding family. I say family rather then guild for a couple different reasons. We are a close group of friends that enjoy playing and clearing heroic end game content together, that and the fact that we probably spent more time with each other then we do with our actual families...lol. (idk if that's a good thing or not but...lol)

We are currently 6/8 Heroic 25 and very close on Spine.

It looks like our raid times would work for you. Our normal raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 8:00-11:30pm EST.

What you can expect from us:

- A very relaxed, fun, yet dedicated group.

- A stable and fair raiding environment. We have been around for a long time, since Vanilla so you know we are not going anywhere which is a very important factor when considering a guild to join moving into a new tier.

- Free food, flasks, guild repairs, enchants for mains and all that good stuff.

What we expect from member:

- Good raid attendance, the ability to listen as well as the ability to give input.

- Knowledge of your class and how to maximize your output, as well as boss mechanics.

- Finally and maybe most importantly, a great sense of humor and a strong stomach. There is a reason for our guild name, we tend to get dirty sometimes...lol. Never racist or sexist but rather crude and ALWAYS in good fun and NEVER mean spirited.

http://www.graphiccontent.enjin.com/home - Our official guild website.

PinkFloydx82@aol.com - My real ID, please feel free to add me and contact me anytime. I also wrote down your real ID info so I'll try to contact you in game as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to talking with you soon!

<Graphic Content>
Recruiting Officer
<Availionic Ascendants> Bleeding Hallow US| Horde

<Availionic Ascendants> is a 25m guild that is currently transferring to Bleeding Hallow.

Our Raid Groups are 6/8H 10m and 5/8H 25man currently. We are looking for more for 25 man DS progression to finish 8/8H before the launch of MoP.

Raid Times…

Tues. Wed. Thurs. 9pm-12:30 server (9pm- 12:30 est)

What <Availionic Ascendants> has to offer…

-Competitive Raiding
-Weekly Alt runs
-Guild Rated Battlegrounds
-Non-Stress friendly environment
-Always something going on

What we expect from you…

-Minimum 395 ilvl
-Completed at least 2/8H
-All gems & enchants up to date
-A desire to be the best
-Be able to work as part of a team & learn the fights
-High attendance

Current Needs…

-Mdps (Warrior dps, Frost/Unholy DK, Feral Druid)
-Rdps (Ele shaman, Balance Druid, Mage, Lock, Spriest, Hunter)
-Healer (Holy/Disc priest, Rshaman, Rdruid)

Ingame contacts Michaeldk, Castien, Angelmichael, also app on website (www.Availionicascendants.com)

Real ID slacker247@comcast.net
bump for xbox,

i am in the process of reading through and will be adding more people to my real id
Hey Ken,

I think sub talked to you lol I am still cruising the recruitment forums lol but i sent you a real id request as well..........<~~~Subs GM lol

Look forward to talking to you 8)


GM of GC
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