10 man heroic DS carry

what is the current going rate for a heroic 10 man DS carry i just hit 390 and noone seems to want to take on anyone without the HM achi and im struggling to progress further...
and do not want to use the 'under achiever' addon T.T
You won't find a 10 man carry very easily, also the going rate for an 8/8 is ~750k with loot; I doubt you'll find a group willing to sell you just 4/8 or whatever you're looking for.

Guilds such as: Suit Up and One are selling 8/8 DS clears alliance side, probably more but I haven't really paid attention.
750k? oh thats easy! pffft not thats insane... i just need a group that doesnt have uneducated tanks as they always seem to be the cause of the wipe and then ofcourse its 'bad tank ima leave bad group'

i just need the.. its a vicious circle i guess :p
need the achi*
Start with the 8/8 / 1/8HM and work your way from there, with the 20% nerf coming in this week people won't be requiring super geared people in a pug.

Just research the fights, make sure you know your class and demonstrate that in raids, and who knows; you might get picked up by a guild :D
05/01/2012 08:24 AMPosted by Toxenmvp
and do not want to use the 'under achiever' addon T.T

Then use LUA scripts, no addon needed.
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffffff00\124Hachievement:6116:03000000066EA1B8:1:2:1:12:0:0:0:0\124h[Heroic: Madness of Deathwing]\124h\124r");
We can do 7/8 heroic on the 16th of May for 150k, includes loot based on this list:


talk to me in game or mail etc

if you want madness you'll have to wait a while until we have an available spot

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