Hi, Looking to maybe come for some light rp

Emerald Dream
So, as the title staes I am considering looking into some light rp I maybe making a toon here. Is there any actual rp going on on this server? I dont really care what side, I have played both but is there anyone willing to tell me if there are any subcultue rps like there are on the WrA server example; all the Belf pallys role play cops there in Silvermoon or use too anyways. Any helpthat will help me decide would be great thanks!
I guess after readingthe rp guide here i wouldnt be light but medium/ heavy I just have an actual life and friends on other servers I would not be here all the time. That is more for clarification
I can't speak for Alliance side RP, though it seems as if you're planning on a Horde toon...

Hang around at one of the inns. You'll find RP or RP will find you. I've found successful random RP at both the Silvermoon City Inn and the Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon, and the Wyvern's Tail inn in Orgrimmar. You could also find an RP guild and join up. Some RP guilds have a weekly RP meeting or event. Others encourage RP everywhere at any time.

The best way to find RP is just to walk around instead of run, and /say or /emote. You'll get a response.
I roleplayed on WrA a long while back and left server to be with my RL friends havent looked back but kinda miss hore side a bit and interaction onther than dungeon groups and bgs are nice. Ill play ally it isnt an issue though but ill try out the srever some more than likely
thank you
Be you friend or foe, Mordrok will always adventure with those he meets!

The volume of axe swings involved will vary greatly depending upon your relative friendliness SO TREAD LIGHTLY.
The Bloodied Ninth is always looking for more able bodied soldiers to march for it's cause! If you think you have the fortitude and will to stand against the Horde, seek us out. Lordaeron cannot be reclaimed without more comrades!

((Hey there! Nice to see more RP/PvPers on the server! There's tons of guilds out there to choose from, it's really just a matter of what flavor you want. My guild is very militaristic and is engaged in WPvP, RP Events, Socializing, leveling, getting into raids.. The whole shabang. - Now that's not to say there aren't other great guilds out there as well, on both sides. Hope you find what's right for you!))
agreed, you will find both factions rp and it is the fuel mostly for wpvp regardless what faction you pick welcome to the dream

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