Mage vs Enh Shaman

How do you win? They can break roots 3 diff ways and always get in my face especially with spirit wolves and i can't cast due to ranged interrupts.

any videos or help?
Just curl up into a fetal position and wait for it to be over. lol. Seriously i've had horrible luck fighting Enhance Shamans myself. I just accepted the fact that they're our hard counter and just pick myself up. Find a nice, squishy warrior to punish for my death.
Ok well there's a lot of ways to keep him off you, using your mirror images to keep him non-stop slowed will help, Frostfire orb will do the job after those fade, i know icelance spam is lame but if you just use instants like pet nova, cone of cold and nova you can just spam ice lances without fear of being interrupted since what you're looking for is just keeping him snared, you could even block when he uses his wolves sprint ability and just wait it out, trust me you have a lot more CD's then an enhancement shaman just need to feel it out and use them at the right times
1. Juke the interrupt
2. ???
3. Profit

There, that wasn't so hard.
Roll fire. Never lose to anything except hunters and good rogues.
in my experience fire lost even more against enh sham. theyre kinda like rogues but more unkitable.
05/02/2012 07:58 AMPosted by Lepewpew
I heard this one time its hard to interrupt an instant pyro and 1.5 second scorches.

its not hard to interrupt scorch , and very easy to purge off pyro! procs.

to beat enhancement you cant make any mistakes. abuse blanket root just like you would against a pally and be aware that when you do root them with blanket cs, theyre going to drop grounding so have your pet get that or ice lance or fire blast it down.

if you can get them to trinket early, sheep them full and reset the fight, eat, bandage, evo, whatever you need to do to heal, and then start the fight completely over.
RoF their wolves.
If you to them more as fire, you're terrible and shouldn't be playing this class. Fake the shear, db them and wolves into a RoF, charge pyro into combust etc.

Even easier if you take Pyromaniac.
Sick a pally on them. That always works.

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