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So I posted recently about getting a new GFX card, and I actually went all the way and spent 900 dollars on a fully custom desktop, being built by my friend's uncle right now. I'm super excited and he isn't charging for labor or anything, and even threw in free neon lighting and a temperature gauge. I'm so privileged to have such a great opportunity. Here are the specs:

4.2 GHz AMD Quad Core CPU
8 GB Vengeance RAM
500 GB SATA II Hard Drive
Ultra 750 Watt Modular Power Supply
Nvidia EVGA GTX550TI GFX Card
Liquid Cooler
9 120mm cooling fans + fan controller
Temperature Gauge

There are more specific specs for the Liquid Cooler, fans, etc. But will have to update because I need to look at the specific order receipt to name them. Anyways there are 2 vids of him putting it together, I may post if it's okay with him.
Will update tomorrow :D
you over paid :(
05/02/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Stephíe
I would assume 4.2GHz need's a high end liquid cooler rather an a aftermarket fan.
FX-4170 @ stock speed?

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