Item Restoration

Customer Support
We are very happy to introduce a new system that will allow players to recover items that they may have sold, destroyed or disenchanted.

With this new self-service option the recovery of an item or items that were recently deleted or sold to a vendor can be restored to a character immediately when using the ticket submission system on our Support site.

For any items that were accidentally disenchanted the same method can be used to request a review by Customer Support for restoration.

This restoration option may only be used once every 30 days on active World of Warcraft accounts that are in good standing.

Additional details can be found in the following Support Article: Item Restoration.

While we always strive to help whenever we can, with the introduction of this self-help feature customer support will no longer be able to assist with these types of requests.

As this option has a limited availability we encourage caution when selling, deleting or disenchanting items.

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