LFM HotT (A) - need tank and prefer shaman

Looking for more geared level 80's for an Algalon the Observer Herald of the Titans Achievement Run. Your weapons must be item level 232 or lower and all other items must be item level 226 or lower. You are expected to be fully enchanted and to have gems in every gem slot. You should know the fight (either by having done it on a level 80 before or by watching an instructional video). Your average item level should be between 226 and 214. If you meet these requirements, post below and message/add hilldb4@gmail.com in-game.

Tentatively, I am looking at an 8 pm eastern, Saturday, May 5, start date.


-(prefer shaman)
How many people do you currently have? If it's just you or you and a few others we are looking for a few more to finalize our group. If you already have a bunch of people and feel that this post is hijacking your thread in any way, please let me know and I will remove it.

We currently have:
1 tank
- feral, almost full BiS
3 healers
- holy priest
- disc priest
- resto druid
3 dps
- hunter (not sure what spec he has decided on)
- arcane mage
- combat rogue

The other tank spot and 2 dps spots are pretty up in the air right now. We have had a lot of interested people who haven't really put the work in to gear up. All 7 of the people I listed above have mostly 219/226 gear and we're looking to start attempts soon. The 8pm eastern Saturday time for runs would unfortunately not work for us, our guild does Dragon Soul at that time.

Let me know if you are interested!
Nope, I was starting a new group. I'd be happy to join you. Send me a message and let me know when you want to start. I've completed the title on another account, so I know what's what.
Cool, I will contact you in game this week. If you wouldn't mind, maybe change the OP to say that we are looking for 1 tank and 1 shaman dps (need heroism and possibly 10% spell power if they're ele).
Excellent - changed to reflect your suggestion.
We're still looking for a tank and a dps shaman for Herald of the Titans!
We got our other tank so we are now just looking for 1 lv80 shaman dps to complete our group for Herald of the Titans!

edit: going to make a new thread to promote this group, needs a new updated OP

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