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Incidentally, that includes me. WHARS ME INVITE?!?

I have never felt the need to type the word /PUNT as strongly as I do now...
Yay! AP hokder since November just got my invite an hour ago! :D
04/27/2012 12:10 PMPosted by Alenrae
Yay! AP hokder since November just got my invite an hour ago! :D

Hurray you! :D
The beta crashes so often , that you can't test anything much less get a taste of whats to come in the xpac , having to wait means that you guys will come in when things are more stable.

Trust me right now your not missing much , the only thing we're testing is who can stay logged on the longest without crashing.
same here, but got mine last night! :D i hope u will get urs soon!
yay i got mine :D
So, I signed up for AP yesterday, just wondering... Should I expect the future wave within next week, or later?
Signed up for the AP 4/12 still have not gotten my beta access.
That must be a large group in that 2nd wave. downloaded the beta awaiting email so i can have access. I had no problem getting the Diablo beta. Why should i have a problem with MOP.I am an annual pass holder since march.
simplified translation of the new update...

"to all those AP subs who aren't in yet...we'll get around to it eventually"
04/27/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Raskent
Any idea when that future wave may occur?

04/27/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Killercaitie
Yay! Does this mean no more WHUR MAH BETA threads? /crosses fingers

You're also forgetting the qq about how x player has been here for y year thinking that time frame should automatically qualify them, and they should have a beta invite or it is clear that Blizzard doesn't care.
i am beyond glad i didn't get the annual pass. what a mess.
04/27/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Frostshokker
Of course mine (among many others) would fall under 4/20 thus having to wait that much longer... this is complete crap..

Shoulda signed up for it earlier. :P
I have 2 accounts, signed up BEFORE April 18.. Still no beta... :( please blizzard, I've been waiting so patiently!

I really wanna play it.
Also, I send in LOTS of bug reports.
Thanks bud. I was getting worried when everyone said the waves were over. Would like an announcement on when those final waves will be :)

Oh and one more thing. How do I check and see if I actually have the beta?
Thanks bud. I was getting worried when everyone said the waves were over. Would like an announcement on when those final waves will be :)

Oh and one more thing. How do I check and see if I actually have the beta?

They don't usually announce the beta waves before they happen. If I recall correctly, last week they stated that they would roll out waves as needed. Right now I imagine they're primarily focusing on fixing those bounce backs and trying to figure out what's behind the stability issues on the beta servers.

As far as checking to see whether you have been flagged for the beta or not, go to your account page and if you're flagged, you should see a new line for MoP beta under your usual WoW one. Don't wait for an email, and don't trust the emails, because there are far too many phishing scams going on right now to take chances. Check your account page for the truth of the matter.

If you are in the group that did not sign up until 4/18 and beyond, you should know that they usually announce each wave here, in a stickied thread similar to this one. That's when you should be looking to see if you've been flagged. Doing so before then will probably just serve to drive you a bit nutty. Trust me on this -- we've had a couple go off the deep end already from the looks of past threads.

Speaking of which, remember that new threads on the topic will rarely, if ever, get an answer from a blue. I'd say pretty much almost never. If you're wanting updates, this is where they will happen. As of now, I don't recall anyone's personal thread drawing a blue out to personally answer the complaint of 'I don't have my beta yet!' or the question, 'When will I get my beta access?'. What does happen is you'll get a mix of snark, trolling, advice, and a pointer right back to this thread. Save yourself the hassle and stick with this one. It keeps the information, the complaints, and the concerns in one location for easy reference. Plus, this is where the blue quotes will be. Good to have it all in one spot!

Things to remember -- customer service can't flag accounts, and they can't speed up the process for you. Try to avoid making tickets or phoning CS regarding this matter. Remember that each time someone does that, it's adding to the already enormous queue, and the end result is usually just going to be, 'We don't know when, but you will get in'. I know it's rough not knowing, but think about the fact that there are people whose issues that /can/ be solved by CS, and remember that each extra ticket is another one to clutter up the system. If you need reassurance, come here, and someone will be glad to tell you everything will be okay.

And it will be.

Save the actual worrying for a moment that calls for it. Right now, beta is still in its infancy, and there's a lot to be poked at, prodded, and tested -- once you can stay logged in ;) -- so there's time.

Best of luck!
they should have set up a special customer service option that can handle the Annual Pass issues. Right now there is just no way at all for anyone to get help on any AP issue since they have instructed the normal CS to just give glossed over basic answers.

You can't ask for help from customer service...or ask for help on Facebook because they ignore it....or Twitter because they ignore it.....or here because they ignore where does someone go for help?

Honestly, how hard is it for them to bring up someone's acount and click on "flag for beta access"?
In a respose tyo a ticket I submitted:

I signed up for the Annual Pass and have yet to receive a MoP invite. My contract expires in September and I have friend who have gotten one and they have just enrolled.
Can I expect an Invite?
4/26/2012 11:36 PM
Customer Service Representative

Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department and for taking the time to inform us about the issue you experienced.

We actually have already gotten a few reports on the situation you reported, and we are currently working on a solution. You can find an update on this situation on the forums, at
Your account would fall under that second category, and we hope to have those resolved soon!

Thank you again for contacting us. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!


Game Master Shalgaath
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
so i must be one from a previous wave cos i got mine WELL BEFORE APRIL 18

hopefully it will be fixed soon

i feel a bit better now

still a bit annoyed

but if they fixed it SOON i will be more happy

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