[A]WTS ICHYOTSOHAIA plus Raid Mounts

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Hi there. We've been selling mounts since January. We were #32 US overall, #10 10-man raid US for Dragonsoul, with a similar finish in FL. We know how to kill things well and quickly.

We've basically stopped selling for the going rates since we've been selling so long.

We mostly want a break at this point, however, after looking over these forums for a few days, I know many of the remaining sellers are booking up.

So, we're tossing out a final offer for you mount/achievement enthousiasts out there.

If you want to overpay for ICHYOTSOHAIA, or a Firehawk, or a Madness mount because you CANNOT FIND ANYONE ELSE AT ALL to do this before you before MoP, we will listen to your outrageous offer.

I'm talking 500k starting price, and highest payment/bidder gets the run, with payment beforehand so we know you're for real, with refunds if you get outbid.

In this thread you will find a ton of positive feedback, and no negative, feel free to peruse it, we are trustworthy, we are good. We are just tired, but willing to work for someone who's really desperate to get a mount or achieve.

We might also be motivated by a couple of items you might have:

Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger
Reins of the Spectral Tiger
Soul-Trader Beacon
Tyrael's Hilt
Big Blizzard Bear
Murloc Costume
Panda Collar(would include zergling and Mini Diablo too)
Blue Murloc Egg

Or a lot of these, maybe.

Tuskarr Kite
Hippogryph Hatchling
Swift Shorestrider
White Riding Camel
X-51 Nether-Rocket
Riding Turtle
Smoldering Murloc Egg
Frosty's Collar
Heavy Murloc Egg
Mini Thor
Netherwhelp's Collar

But honestly, my advice, is to find a cheaper guild if you can. We'd rather take a break!

Posting this link here

All im looking for is siphoned essences for staff questline from your above advert sounds like 50k is your stated price. I will try to contact you to discuss setting this up for a few weeks in a row to finish my quest.

Thanks for your time.
@Dalamarus, I replied in your thread.

Looking to fill available dates!
DS Mount and gear for sale!
04/28/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Logos
Dalamarus, I replied in your thread.

Thank you for the response Logos it is appreciated.
I think I may have found a group for this week sorry to just now get a reply back to you.
No prob. Just trying to let you know we're available, good luck!

Still looking to sell our dates!
Rag now sold out until Raid week of 5/15. Talk to us about which days we have open that week, possibly 1 on wed. but more likely on sunday, 1 or 2.
Lowered prices some after a bit more research.
Filling up some Rag slots, looking to fill up DS too! Drop us a line, will negotiate.
What was that, Solorpower?
Would you accept a Amani Dragonhawk, goes for 129k on my server atm for a Heroic Rag Title/mount?

Also, would it be just a Heroic Rag kill or a Full clear? im really just looking for "Just" Heroic Rag.
Sure, we'd do a Rag kill for a dragonhawk atm, because i have someone who wants one. grab my realid above and add me and we can get you a date.

Also, still looking for a Dragonsoul buyer, as I say above, prices are negotiable, if you're looking for a Life-binder's handmaiden, add me and let's talk, we're open to most TCG mount trades, etc.
I sent a Request, im looking for a 5/17 raid week or maybe sooner, just depends on my time and yours
I hopped on your server to find you but your guildies said you weren't around. I didn't get your request. Either try again, or send me in-game mail with yours sometime if you can. That week is good, can get you in then no problem. Let's talk to lock it down though.
Selling Dragonsoul Gears+Mounts, and Firelands too!
Alright, i resent you a request, if you dont get it this time, ill give you my realid to add
Got this one, thanks, feel free to get in touch whenever you're around and have a minute!
Great team of raiders doesnt matter if its heroic Rag or DW they make it look so easy, they're also more than happy to talk about prices and exchange rates when it comes to TCG items and other methods of payment.
Logos I may need to get a few runs from you after all man plans i had feel through. I can almost say with certainty that i could run on 15th your showing available(assuming we can make a deal.)

I'll make a toon on dark iron and attempt to find you what is a good time if you have a preference?

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