[A]WTS ICHYOTSOHAIA plus Raid Mounts

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Grab me tonight at about 7:30 EST, or a bit after that, we're doing some runs, should be able to talk.
Looking for DS buyers, starting to fill in some dates on the calendar!

Also mid to late in the month, still have some FL openings.
First openings are currently:

Life-binder's Handmaiden (Dragon Soul Heroic Madness Mount): 5/29

Pureblood Firehawk (Heroic Firelands Ragnaros Mount): 1 opening 5/20

Seems to be renewed interest in getting these mounts before they go rare drop, getting a lot of requests lately, get your calendar spot soon!
Hmm, thought i was reserved for 5/20, was i bumped up a week?
Having trouble timing contact right hopefully i catch you guys soon.
@Solorpower, we have been running 3 runs per week. We're taking it down to 2 though next raid week.

@Dalamarus, I should be on a bit Sunday.

Otherwise, booking Dragonsoul Heroic Madness runs, either just Madness for the mount and weapons, or full 8/8 runs with option to buy loot our raiders don't need.

Get in touch, will make deals based on certain mounts our raiders want!
Looking for more DS buyers!
5/22 Dragon soul Madness kill only for mount, or full 8/8 is available currently! Also, 5/27 and 6/3 are open for Firehawks!
Selling Heroic DragonSoul Madness mounts, check in with us for price negotiations!
Opening this week, Tuesday 5/8 for a Lifebinder's Handmaiden! Had someone with conflicting plans!
Dates available for Heroic Madness mount, and Heroic Rag mount, get in touch with me to schedule
Added services in response to frequent questions for T11, and lowered prices a little bit.
1 total package sold already! +clearing up ICC achieves. Completionists welcome!
Miss out on all or part of Cata? We can make your achievements and mount collection look like you didn't miss a second of it.
Completionists, come get everything from Cata with us, even considering WotLK content if you missed something for our Cata package friends.
Hi, we have it all, take a look, put together a package and we're make your achievement log like you didn't miss anything in Cata in the raid section.
Will have some upcoming openings for Various mounts, gear, achievements, etc. Come to one place for everything you need!
Someone earlier tonight was asking me about trading us a normal spectral for some runs and we didn't get to finish our discussion, and i got dc'd and lost your low lvl character name, sorry, please get back to me, via mail, realid, or catch me online sometime!
Sorry for the DC, i was in the middle of one run, setting up a new one, and talking to you and a couple other people. Very chaotic! I apologize for not getting your name so i could get back to you, mystery rare spectral tiger person!
Will have an opening for another total package by the end of May/early June. Get in touch if you want to get every raid/dungeon achievement in Cata (also considering requests for cleaning up WotLK missing achieves in raids/dungeons as well.

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