[A]WTS ICHYOTSOHAIA plus Raid Mounts

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Come hang out with us for a month or two, get all your gear, mounts, achievements you want from Cata, do some alt runs, whatever. Love selling these entire packages and meeting some new friends in the process!
Looking for someone for Late May/Early June who is interested in seeing some or all of Cataclysm dungeons/raids with us. Come grab your achievements, gear, mounts, etc.
Mounts, achieves, gear. We can get these for you.
Selling the achieves, mounts, etc. Big packages, will negotiate, come hang with us for a bit and get the Cata raid/dungeon, etc bits you missed.
We like to sell things :) Come join us!
Let's negotiate a package or mounts, achieves, etc. Late may, early june open currently. Let's get you onto our calendar!
Looking for someone for Early June total Cata package!
tried to add u, did it go through?
Openings now into Early-Mid June.

Love selling packages, no Rag available until mid-june currently, unless we have a cancellation.
I've yet to hear back after chatting with you so ill take it as a no. Bump regardless.

Dalamarus, We might have siphons avail. in a few weeks, not sure if you're still looking.

To all others, we're looking for someone who wants to run with us in June through Cata.
Just did a firelands run with them tonight, Very good group of raiders, they deliver what they promise. Thanks again Logos and Gag Reflex :D
Can I get in please I have 80,000 gold. My real ID is Yellowbadass13@Yahoo.com, was hoping to get the mount off rag. I also have about 400 stacks of ore from BC/Cata if too.
Logos, i have a friend that wants a run, he wants 7/7heroic and rag mount, he said he will trade you a Amani Dragon Hawk for it

Hes hoping to get in during the raid week of 6/5
if not, he can get in another week
Hey I'm looking for heroic Rag kill and cinders would be nice too. My real Id is ernest.feret86@hotmail.com
Hey there, Im looking to get a specific acheivement, Its the tornadoes from Barrell Roll thats the only thing i need for my firehawk and i cant find a group to get it done.

Is this something you could do for like 10k?

Let me knowi can possibly go higher if so drop me a line

Real ID: ravonlft@yahoo.com
Added the last 3 of you with information requests. Looking to sell Rag in a couple weeks, and DS in 2-3 weeks from now. Let me know if you want something
We're available for Rag kills within 2 weeks, and DS kills within 2-3 weeks, also T11 content, and other total packages. Love TCG stuff, especially Tigers, rockets, etc.
Come kill stuff with us and gets mounts and titles!
Hello, we're selling everything in Cataclysm. Dragonsoul, Firelands, BoT, BWD, TotFW, etc. Also Wrath stuff if you missed anything for anyone wishing to buy a package of things, we make catching up easy!

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