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Dark portal in Hellfire.

The whole Karazhan (best instance in this game history).
Pre-Cata Desolace and Auchindoun (Exterior Only). I love a giant stormy wasteland full of ancient ruins. The wind howling through the bones of long dead mythical beasts, nothing but the sound of the perpetual storm for company...

Oh, and Shadowmoon Valley for the same reason.

Kroxxigar loves him some desolation....
I loved Icecrown, specifically the Argent Vanguard quests. I felt JUST AND RIGHTEOUS!
1. Nagrand
2. Grizzly Hills
3. Winterspring
Stranglethorn Vale and Zul'Drak for Troll pride.

Icecrown for zomgwtfawesomeepicahhhhh factor.

Mulgore for R & R.

Vashj'ir for being cool.

On a semi-related subject, I'm a big fan of Stranglethorn vale, but the fact it is the zone after Darkshire I find a little trippy. You got your dark, gloomy theme with undead, were-wolves and this almosty gothic themed "town" then a bridge away, you enter into this exotic jungle with displaced jungle fauna and mayazincatec architechture. And for Alliance this kind of "Heart of Darkness" type story line. which still feels "Light" compared to the quests of the previous zone.
Pre-Cata Hinterlands

Idk but there always seemed to be a bit of a mysterious quality to this zone.
The new Southern Barrens.

Both Alliance and Horde side.

Favorite zone in all of WoW since ever.
Dun Morogh
Pre-Cata Westfall will always be my favorite, and then there's Gilneas and Grizzly Hills.
Quel'thalas. You know why.
Icecrown Citadel (one of the hall which has rock music).

And here's why:

I remember getting in the Beta. And I love Desert levels are zones in basically any video game. I dunno why. And I also love the Titans. So of course... Uldum is amazing for me right? I remember being level 82 (the cap during this part of the beta) and having only Hyjal and Vashj'ir and Deepholm open. So I was bored at around 10 PM on a Thursday night during the summer. I literally got out of bed, and was like " I need to get into Uldum". So I hopped on the Beta, got on my mage, and went on top of the little gate thingy in tanaris to uldum. I used Blink, got past the invisible wall, and was able to fly all by myself in Uldum at 10 pm. Uldum was empty, no NPCs, no quests, nothing. And It was... beautiful. Uldum at night is just amazing. The Dam was a lit up, and everything was so beautiful. I always loved Uldum..

Til I quested through it.

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