Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 Player)

Greetings Hyjalians, I am going to start putting together a weekly group for the 25 man Ulduar Drakes. This should be a 1 week achievement unless of course idiocy prevents it. The only reason I will be running multiple runs is due to Xmog gear. If you are interested I will be running it on Thursday of each week from 6 PM to around 9PM-9:30PM at the maximum. The legendary shard each week is reserved . Please get in touch with me either through the forums or in game PST and I will send out a invite through calendar. Please do not be completely retarded and know how to stop DPS on certain fights.
I'd run with you! You would have to add my Real ID to invite me. Let me know if you're actually doing this.

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