AV Trinket currently breaks AV Wargames

As 40v40 of us found out somewhat unexpectedly and uncomfortably last night... AV trinkets (Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 or Stormpike Insignia Rank 6) are a big problem for running an Alterac Valley Wargame if both teams are from the same faction.

The trinkets still teleport you back to your home faction's base even if you're playing the opposite side. So last night, with a Horde team vs. a Horde team, the team that was playing the Stormpeak/Alliance/North side of the map discovered that if they used their trinkets they still teleported to Frostwolf Keep. In our extended group of premade enthusiasts at least 2/3 of the players have AV trinkets, so it's basically impossible to make a fair AV wargame between two Horde teams because the only possible outcome is a massive Drek'thar turtle.

Of course it's possible to just have an honorable agreement that no one will use their AV trinkets. But that also means we end up playing in a version of Alterac Valley that is substantially different from the usual, and there's no good way to practice our usual strategies that involve trinketing for home base protection. It wouldn't be fair either to allow the South team to trinket back home while not allowing the North team to trinket into South's base. Therefore, with the current AV trinket mechanics, there is just no way to allow AV trinket use by either team at all and have a fair Wargame.

I'll put in an actual ticket about this of course; I'm not hoping that this thread will magically get blue attention or anything. I just thought it was an interesting point to share. It was a good bit of extra work to assemble two large and balanced groups in order to have a 40-40 Wargame at all, and I think if we had known in advance that AV trinkets are able to exploit a same-faction AV Wargame we either would have not bothered organizing it at all, or would have agreed that trinkets were off limits (even though the BG would be a whole different thing without them, and not really what we were hoping to do).

Anyway, not a big complaint here, just pointing out something of interest and getting this issue into the collective knowledge.
Good find Beefleaf!

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