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How much will it cost to make it once I get the recipe? (Cost for all the mats, etc.)

Don't give me your whole life story I just need one simple answer
Depends on the server. Anywhere from 13-30k depending on mats you can grind, mats you must buy, and your server economy. Plan on selling for 24k - 40k depending on server. 28k on Illidan horde. 38k on Alexstrasza. Saw some for around 45k on other servers.
Depends on the person who's selling or creating the mount.
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Seductive breadstick server : 30k-
Pretty good server : Anywhere near 40-45k
Bad server : 50-60k
Anvilmar : Nobody will be on that server to buy it, godspeed champion.
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I just need one simple answer

vendor mats alone will run you 29k
Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial 5000g
Sands of Time x8 24000g

rep/guild discounts are no longer applied to this vendor
Let's see....

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26100 for vendor mats with the bartering perk. About 1.3k worth of flasks (at about 80g each) plus ~3.5k worth of truegold. So 31k should cover it.
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The cost is 29k.
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I just need one simple answer


I tried Google, but most of it was talking about how much it sold on the auction house.
OP, I feel if you didnt put - "Dont give me your life stories" in you would have been trolled less :) Silly Rogue.
Cost for materials and the time spend leveling both alchemy and archeology, plus finding the recipe. You will be lucky to find one of your server for 50,000 gold
04/29/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Convelulric
I tried Google, but most of it was talking about how much it sold on the auction house.

wowhead is your friend.

it has a breakdown of all the mats, their cost etc.
Someone told me it was about 35k to make, it sells for 40k so hardly seemed worth farming on my server anyhow. Not sure if that is accurate though.

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