Rate the hunter!

Easy! 1-10 rate the previous hunter based on: stats(I.E closer to 8% hit = better) talents, gemming, enchanting. :D

You definately seem to know what you're doing, just looks like RNG, or perhaps your guild isn't being nice to you on some of your gear.
@Brophy 10/10
Geez, so many of these threads.
Your gemming and enchanting seem to be all over the place, you should really only be using 40 agility, 20 agi/20 crit, and 20 agi/20 hit (as well as their epic gem counterparts). Some of your enchants need an upgrade (your cloak and gloves should be 65 crit and 65 mastery respectively.)

Your reforging also needs a bit of help. Your hit is through the roof, .28% over what you need. You should be reforging into more crit, as I saw a couple of pieces where you reforged mastery when you could have reforged crit.

Your spec looks okay, except you should move the two points from Careful Aim into Sic' Em.
If you need more information, I have a Survival guide somewhere on these forums...
10, U R A REAL QT :O
@Deceitful - 10/10

I wish I had the gold for all epic gems and your raiding progression. :'(

@Nykes - Ditto 10/10 :P
Do I get a cookie?!
Okay, I ended redoing all of my reforging, enchanting, and gemming. I can only get the epic gems if I am lucky enough in DS, though most of the time I get green gems. Not to mention the gems are extremely expensive on the AH. So I'll have to deal with that I can get.
Nyrikah- Love the transmog and rating you 10/10 PvE
05/01/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Nayah
Nyrikah- Love the transmog and rating you 10/10 PvE

Eh, I am not a big pvp buff but I noticed a couple things. Hit gems in spite of being over the pvp hit cap. Solid resil gems. No entrapment. In fact your MM spec is pretty bad in many ways. No scope.Crit wrist enchant, solid crit gem. Wow just noticed you're a LW, and still using that crap wrist enchant.

All in all... I dunno, 3/10? Gear is decent but you didn't really improve on it much after you got it.
@Stalkings. Show more leg for a 10/10
@Sicko, you have the right idea going. You need more Spell Pen, and get a weapon Chain on your Polearm instead of the agility. Take two points out of Killing Streak and put them into Crouching tiger hidden chimera. If you're a pvp'er, which you are by the looks of it. Lastly, again if you do Pvp, you NEED entrapment in the SV category.

So 7/10
@Shootitup 8/10 seemed to be geared/gemmed/reforged pretty much spot on, but I'm no PvP buff, so I'll leave the extra 2 points out.
05/05/2012 06:21 AMPosted by Steakbro

9/10 only cause you have an ugly trinket.

also my pvp gear is such trash
05/05/2012 07:47 AMPosted by Flintloc

9/10 only cause you have an ugly trinket.

also my pvp gear is such trash

@ shoot 7/10
sick xmog steak

and these threads are now redundant because you can't play the class wrong.. any gear that drops can be reforged

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