MoP Fire Mage Changes

Check out dem new talents / gameplay in visual with commentary SAAAN~!
Hansol u have been a big inspiration to me to get back into pvp. i was fire and playing it like a boss til my friend said that i blew so i @!@#d him as fire, went frost @!@#d him a few more times and now im too lazy to go back fire since noone that ik will rly try pushing rating with me unless im frost since i dont have the 2.2k rena cheivzorz. Keep up the good work u smexy beast :P
Nice vid man.

My current thoughts about the tree.

I'd like to take Icy Flows over Scorch, it's nice to cast RoF or Frostjaw (and fireball after) while moving but Scorch does just seem better most of the time really.

I also wanted to take Blazing Speed and I'm playing around with it now but I think it either needs to be useable whenever you want (not that it's really a problem) and possibly have a shorter CD or something, not picking Ice Barrier just seems gimp.
I'd love to see some kind of buff to Blazing Speed.

Currently I'm using Frost Bomb so not as many novas/Frostjaw/RoF's get broken by dots, it's nice having a slow and if I want to freeze someone I can detonate it with the Inferno Blast glyph (wish it had no cast time -_-).

Any thoughts from other mages?
I quested 86-87 as fire, and I liked having scorch, it helped getting those pyro procs to burn down the mob before it would get to you.

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