need to Reactivate a D3 account.

Customer Support
i put time on my account, and it had popped up saying, i need to contact customer support, to reactivate my D3 account, and then i get my mount+beta key and my D3 account reactivated, from the "wow year pass" promotion

TY in advance ^_^

not that it matters ~i think, but i got that message about a month and a half ago when i had baught some wow time and took a screen shot to remember it because i was buisy

keep up the good work blizz :3

spirit rez ghost: "play world of warcraft, give us youre money"
me: *smiles* :3 *hands money*
Check and see if you still have your Tyreal mount. If so, you're pretty much good to go. That's what happened with me.

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