Whisky - Horde - Sen'jin - LFM H DS and MoP

Guild Recruitment
<Whisky> is a 10m Horde raiding guild on Sen'jin and currently DS H 5/8. Our schedule is a mandatory Tuesday and Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm CST, and possibly a Sunday extension starting at an agreed-upon time if the instance isn't cleared.

About Us: The core of <Whisky> consists of players that have known each other for the duration of Cataclysm - some have raided together since vanilla WoW. There are members who have been on the hardcore teams of top-50 ranked guilds in the world! This guild is all about friends who have fun and want to progress through current content with a steady focus. Our mentality is that we depend on each other to pull our own weight, and from past experience we know that we can and will live up to our mutual expectation. Environment is very sarcastic so thick skin is required - but all feedback regarding players will be constructive during focused, progression raiding.

Loot Rules: If you need it, hit Need - doesn't matter who you are. Tokens are treated like any other piece of gear - We will not let an item rot if someone can use it, they will get it. Courtesy and raid needs are taken into consideration in certain cases. BoEs that aren't equipped as a main spec upgrade are sold (discounted to members). Patterns are sold (discounted to members). Essences are sold (discounted to members). Proceeds go towards cauldrons, feasts and bank (for repairs).

We have always had a solid core but now we need to expand to meet the needs of the final heroic encounters in DS and also hit the ground running with MoP. We are looking to recruit all classes:

Death Knights (All Specs): Open - Immediate Need
Druids (All Specs): Open - Immediate Need
Shamans (All Specs): Open - Immediate Need
Paladin (All Specs): Open
Warriors(All Specs): Open
Priests (All Specs): Open
Monks (All Specs): Coming Soon
Rogues: Open
Mages: Open
Warlocks: Open
Hunters: Open

NOTE: We will only trial you if you have an appropriate spec, properly glyphed, all gems, enchants, and reputation, etc. DPS must be able to stay alive for boss mechanics and keep up DPS output.

Attendance: We try not to staff a bench for a 10man guild. That said, we depend on you to make your commitments. Real life happens and as long as we are aware an absence is coming, we can prepare and substitute. If you join and miss a raid without giving notice, you will be replaced. This rule is hard and fast but ensures that your raid team can depend on all members to be there.

Requirements: Mumble, DBM, Website forum activity
In-game contacts: Fois, Nurl, Cloakz, Zigs, Skeered

Apply at whisky.guildzilla.com
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Need some more great people! Take a look at us:

I wonder where team Nurl is?
team Nurl reporting in
Team Nurl 2 reporting in also
Team Nurl 3
Nurl some more
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Spots are open for:

Boomkins with Resto OS.
Blood DKs with Unholy OS.
Prot Warriors with Arms OS.
Resto Shamans with Ele OS.
Spots are open for:

Boomkins with Resto OS.
Blood DKs with Unholy OS.
Prot Warriors with Arms OS.
Resto Shamans with Ele OS.

Still looking for one or more of these classes!
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MOAR! (recruits and random facts)
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