mana burn op!

well mana burn is gone in pandaria

apparently bliz agrees that it was broken in certain situations regardless of whether you could avoid it in others.

anyone who couldn't see that obvious issue was just being a troll or was ignorant. Too bad for the peeps that used mana burn as a crutch instead of real skill.
Anybody who got burned in 3s or 5s is clearly just playing poorly along with their teammates, and anybody getting burned in 2s... Well, lol 2s.

1700 ret after 1700 arena games

lv 70 twink get out of here the big boys are speaking

LOL Im sorry, if you are complaining about mana burn and this is a 'big boys' thread you dont belong here either

1700 ret after 1700 arena games

lv 70 twink get out of here the big boys are speaking

says nerd complaining about mana burn
Must have been beat my a disc in 2's
i would take a class who could run around with 1k mana all game & who has an interupt over mana burn anyday
I don't know...Mana Burn is pretty powerful, but my FMage and I are 3/1 vs Disc/Feral Disc/Rogue Disc/DK teams. We seem to be able to interrupt/los/cc it mostly, and control the match pretty well.

If anything, I would say you should look at those matches as an opportunity to practice your LoSing skills, and interrupt skills.
I agree with Rizzn. I feel like shamans and paladins arent even affected by mana burn. They heal so much even if they have 1-5k mana. It just seems like they don't need mana to heal.

Also as any of the other healers you have an interrupt (rebuke, windshear, skullbash) and a hard cc (HoJ, Hex, Cyclone). Shaman even have grounding.

My point is that mana burn is something that can be los'd or interrupted quite easily and even if the priest mana burns to full, Shaman and Pallies can still keep up with healing rather well.

Priests and druids are the 2 healers that can not keep up healing while working with an extremely small amount of mana. Decent druids can't be mana burned anyway.

I think priests are fine/good in pvp as is.
05/01/2012 07:05 PMPosted by Raidark
k so mana burn like seriously no other class can take away a resource like that. now i can understand that it's a class perk but like add a cd for it so there's not so much bs in arenas!!! anyone else feel the same way?

I agree and disagree with you. The only time mana burn is a problem is in 2s for Arena.

With that said you are a Holy Paladin I mean we can pretty much heal with no mana..
05/02/2012 08:01 AMPosted by Lepewpew
Dw worry mop will fix it.... oh wait it actually will this time, Mana burn is gone! :D (not like it was ever an issue in the first place)

Unless your a healer and rolling 2s LOL!
Literally a thread everyday with this aye
0/10 because Stryper is the only bite you got and he always bites.

0/10 because you're the 9001th pally to make this thread.

0/10 because Meeka is bad.
I will never get tired of seeing this same thread posted by paladins that have never even seen 1500.
I don't bother burning palas. They heal with no mana. Literally.

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