Dragik the scammer in <the hate>

Scamming gems yeah just leaving it here

Btw you could have had your little Bold Inferno Ruby back when I COD'd it to you for the 10g which was the cost of my time/services to cut the gem for you. Instead you returned it to me. And I have plenty of gold but at that point it was just the principle of the whole thing. I'm not standing around Stormwind all day waiting for you to whisper me so I can cut you gems for free.


Nope, scammer. Theft

ticket is open so
You'll have to point me to the rule that says I have to cut you gems for free
I tipped you 1g and you took my gem and kept it, That's a scam, thats why the ticket is put in
You refused to pay for the services I provided, which is why I COD'd it to you, might want to get your facts straight before you cry to GMs.
ticket is going in. Scammer
1g for a gem cut is also a scam on your part
Since it's already cut and stuff, you could just COD it to me.. I'd happily pay the 10g. >.>
1/10 on the drama meter
04/25/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Sackle

did you tell them first what you charge per cutting first?
I don't think your required to tip for any service. If you didn't set a price before you cut his gem then that would make you a scammer if you kept his gem..
Well I'm done dealing with this, so I'll offer to send his same exact uncut gem back to him and he can find another person to cut it for free.

Unfortunately I forgot the baby's name within seconds after logging out. lol
loyalhamster send it
HAHA this idiot just sent the gem back to me. gg loyalhamster go be bad at another game :P

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