Dear Shamans,

How is everything going for you guys? do you like the changes made to Shamans in MoP?
I'd really love to roll a Shaman and i'd like to know how each Shaman spec is doing at the moment and how they will perform in MoP.

Any information will be great.
Thanks. :D
It's going to take some getting used to having all these new cooldowns to manage (and keybind :3). But so far I am happy with the changes. I haven't gotten around to leveling on beta yet so I can't comment on Ascendancy (though from what videos I've seen of it, it looks good).

I play Resto/Enh, so I can't comment on Ele either. But,

Resto seems to have a nice split between totem or proc paths. Which one you take I believe will depend on encounter design and raid comp. I think that is great, and I'm glad to see utility is becoming a choice.

Enhancement seems in a good spot, though I'm having a fun time keeping up with all the survivability cooldowns. I might have to actually use a bar addon to manage separate keybinds between specs, because everything is different.
Shamans as a whole are looking very promising. Seems Blizzard is repaying us for years of neglect.
Regardless of what Blizz does, it can't be as bad for us as the start of cata was. (In reference to resto my MS)
Sure it can.
There is something beautiful about LvB being INSTANT on procs.
Also beautiful? Constant, free buffs from existing as a shaman.
Also ALSO beautiful? Having an additional "free raid damage" cooldown

Less beautiful? LvB hits for less to counter sexy instant times
Less beautiful? longer cooldown on windshear

Overall though, the glass feels more than half full for Ele
The only thing I dislike about elemental dps in Mists is the lack of huge crits. Critting for big numbers is really nice on my mage and moonkin (when it happens). On my shaman, I trade big numbers for more consistent smaller numbers, and it makes me feel less powerful.

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