[H] <Onineko> Recruiting! 11/14H (10/25)

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Bump for MoP recruits!
So close to MoP

< 24 hours to go!

Recruiting for our American raid and our second Australian raid!

Currently looking for a healthy mix of players of all classes and specs.

Hit us up with an application at http://www.onineko.org/ or whisper me Roaktahl in-game for more info.
This may or may not be a shameless bump.
Still sneaking about looking for Oceanic raiding guild.... Free bumps for the moment.
Bumps! hitting raids soon :)
Update bump!

Our second team is almost there! We're looking to fill only a few more spots to get them up and running. We are now looking for the following:

  • 1 Healer (pref Paladin/Druid)
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Shaman

The guild is in a massive gear-up phase and heroic dungeon groups are going almost all the time to get people up and raid ready. If you're keen for some raiding love send through an application to http://www.onineko.org/ today!
Also doing achievements for those who are interested, as well as group dailies.
Great bunch of aussies.
Now only looking for a Shaman and Mage to finalise our second team.

Enquire with a post here or head on over to our site http://www.onineko.org/ to leave an application!
Bump, a shaman & mage is all we need to start our 2nd core group raids.
Guardians down tonight! 1/6

Looking for one healer to fill a hole in our first raid team. Preferably either a Druid, Priest or Monk.

Now looking for a ranged dps class to fill a spot in our second team!

Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/

Once again looking for a healer for our core raid team. Ideally either Priest, Druid or Monk. Other applications as always will be considered!

Bump for bumps sake
Bump de hump

Oceanic recruitment:

Any Druid tanks or Mage/Hunter DPS out there looking for a raiding spot?
must have 460+ ilvl and be ready to hit raids
Bump for 4/6! Gara'jal and Spirit Kings down!

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