[H] <Onineko> Recruiting! 11/14H (10/25)

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Both coregroups are basically full and progressing, could use a healer (pally/monk) and hunter dps.

Our group 2 hit 3/6 in their first proper raid!

Looking to recruit a few more of assorted classes, a healer a hunter and any others who think they would be a good fit. If all goes according to plan we'd like to merge into a 25 man raid in the not too distant future.

Oh my so close to the bottom of the page!


Recruiting just about everything at the moment to fill in casual and core spots. Good attitudes, good people and good fun are what we are looking for to fit in with a relaxed, but still serious bunch of guys and girls.


Leave an application today or contact one of our officers to discuss more.
Just to add to that
2 Raid groups,
Raid group one: Wednesday and Sundays 2am-6am server time
Raid group two: Thursday and Mondays 2am-6am server time

Both groups at 4/6 now. Recruiting DPS whom can hit 50kdps in normal raids.
Due to popular demand, the free hug program* has returned. Upon successful application, you will be allowed to choose from one of our many talented hugging staff including, but not limited to:

Tramethekas (very popular with the ladies ;) )
and last but not least Kilundra our resident terrible rogue (we <3 him all the same).

Head to http://www.onineko.org/ today as hugs are extremely limited

*Hugs are restricted to online hugs only. Limit one per person per application per character. Offer code: ONINEKO<3'SHUGS0001. All Rights Reserved 2012
May or may not provide higher than average service depending on qualities.
Onineko's free hug program has been a rousing success!

Over 2 hugs have been gifted in the past week with plenty of hug love left to give, even as you read this post we have huggers on standby ready to hug at a moments notice!

We are currently looking for a Mage and a Hunter (do hunters even exist anymore?) to secure up raid spots before we start making preparations to take the guild into 25 man mode.


Can applicants also please come up with a funny answer to the polar bear question? The last few apps have been highly uninteresting!
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down! Well done to everyone on a great intro HoF raid!
Elegon down, 6/16 :) with an expected update to come this Monday.
Woo! Hitting the big time now!
Both of our groups are now 6/6 MSV and pushing hard into HoF now.

Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/
I had a dream that we had a hunter in the guild that raided. It was sweet.

We had a hunter apply yesterday. It was pretty magical.
Blade Lord Ta'Yak down! 8/16!

Still looking for a few additional amazing players. Hunters would be fantastic!

Due to popular demand, the free hug system is returning.

Head over to http://www.onineko.org/ and apply today. Free hug vouchers will be emailed to you on successful application!

Guilds been on holidays, due to restart raiding mid Jan. Still looking for a reliable DPS or two who won't cry a river when questioned about their rubbish dips numbers, the easily offended need not apply (Managed to entice several people to realm transfer now, it's a quality of mine).

Preferably a hunter to take all the mail we DE....or a rogue because Roaktahl deserves no loot.

Free hug program still in full swing till the end of the month!

Enquire within.
Hi Guys, what is going on in this thread?

We also are starting challenge modes...

We have kicked raiding back off again after taking a couple of weeks off during the holiday break. We're a bit behind other guilds now but looking to recruit a couple of good solid players around our level to try and catch up between now and the release of 5.2

Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/ or contact an officer in-game.

With love and kindness,
(giver of love and kindness)
I'm interested :) Created an application, it's not impressive, but I'd just like to join and slowly build up the character while being able to chat with fellow AU/NZ players :)

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