[H] <Onineko> Recruiting! 11/14H (10/25)

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Ding Dong!

We are now just looking for one more solid ranged DPS (pref Shadow Priest, Balance Druid) to fill out our core Aussie 10 man group.

Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/ or contact an officer in-game.

The power is yours!
Our Australian team has filled itself up!

This is now a general recruitment call for anyone looking for casual/social raiding spots in any Australian or American timezone. The guild does try to partake in a variety of non-raiding social events and fun, interesting people are always welcome!

not a bad guild name
I'm quite fond of your name too!
Long time no bump!

Happy to report that Garalon has now been killed and we're literally on the verge of a Wind Lord kill. 9/16

Progression is fun! Wind Lord and Protector's elite both dead

Tsulong and Lei Shi both dead! 13/16!
Bump b-bump! Looking to get a Sha kill and push back into HoF again this week!

It's quite late into the patch but Sha of Fear down! Making 6 new bosses in about 3 weeks.
Bump for Jin'rokh down last week!
Horridon the big bad triceratops down hugs and yay's for everyone! 2/12

494 Arms Warrior Looking for a good Raiding Guild. I have raided On many toons over the Years
From Healing on my Priest and Paly
To tanking on My DK and Paly
and Playing On my Mage and Most of 5.1
Evert toon i play i learn to the best of my ability as well as learing every aspect of the fight

Mage: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Run%C3%A8/simple
Paly http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Soulbris/simple
Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/S%C3%B2%C3%BAl%C3%9Fr%C3%AFs/simple

(Paly Priest and Dk) are on a seperate account) i can jump on other account if u need Proof

Just Looking for a Good Raiding Guild To have fun with in 5.2 and hopefully Beyond
Pst me In game or on my BattleTag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)

Warrior Has a 477 Tank Set At the moment

(Please Post only about warrior Not interested In playing on my Priest mage or Dk This Patch)
Way to Necro a thread there guys...

Council of Elders down! 3/12!

Also I'd like to announce the regrouping of our US raid team! They raid 7pm Server Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and are currently looking for a mean off tank and some assorted hybrid dps.

Send all apps through to http://www.onineko.org/
I just wanted to update Roaktahl's post with a few more specifics.

We are looking for motivated people who want to have a fun time raiding while still maintaining a high level of play. Our goal is to recruit people who want to be raiding in ToT, but perhaps fell behind gear wise. We want to spend a couple weeks doing HoF and ToES as well as Jin'rokh in ToT to gear up. Once everyone is sufficiently geared, we will focus on catching up and clearing ToT.

Our current progression with about 1/2 a guild group is 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF, 1/12 ToT. If you would like more information about raiding and our expectations please feel free to message myself (Mylin) or Zuelchi in game or apply online at http://www.onineko.org/

We are looking for:
1 non-warrior tank
1 non-pally full time healer.
1 non-pally healer, with a ranged dps OS.
1 hunter
I just wanted to throw in another update. Last night we powered through and cleared HoF, ToES (w/elite Protectors kill) We are now 16/16 and 1/12.

We are still looking for:
--1 non-warrior tank
--1 warror tank (we will be losing our amazing warrior tank in a couple weeks and want to start looking for his replacement)
--1 disc-preist (OS dps would be nice, but not mandatory)
--1 hunter/boomkin/spreist/ele shaman

For more information please contact myself or Zuelchi in game. If you would like to apply you may do so at http://www.onineko.org/
Tortos down! 4/12

Still looking for cool and awesome people to join our ranks and especially looking for US raiders to join the recently reformed team.


You know you want to.
Greetings friends!

Our Australian team is in the market for an exceptional ranged dps player to step into a core position in our 10 man team. We are currently 4/12 in ToT and progressing steadily.

The community is active, fun and guarantees a good time in and out of raids.

Ideally we'd be looking for a Hunter or a Mage but other classes are more than welcome to apply. We are also very keen on a hybrid dps/healer player that can switch in and out of roles on a fight by fight basis.

Raid times are Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm AEST. This is somewhere in the market of 1-3am Server Time (daylight savings has lost me...)

Applicants should fill out a form on our website or contact myself or any other officer in-game.


Are the raiding tmes set in stone? I wouldn't be able to make 7 but I could make 9.
503 ilvl shadow priest with 6/12 experience.

Im a US player.
I believe there is some flexibility in the US raid team's start/end times. I can get our US raid leader Mylin to chat to you about that if you like?

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