[H] <Onineko> Recruiting! 11/14H (10/25)

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We're still ideally looking for an amazing Mage or Hunter to step in to our Australian progression raid. Currently 4/12 and knocking hard on Megaera's door.

Whisper myself or another officer in-game for more info. Alternatively, drop an application on our website.

Megaera Down! We are now 5/12 and hoping to get Ji-Kun later in the week!
So in response to the above...

Ji-Kun down! 6/12 yay!

We're still looking for good players looking to join a good, fun group of raiders to kill virtual dragons and stuff. A healer would be very welcome at this stage.

Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/ or speak to an officer in-game.

<3 Roak

We're still looking for a killer Mage or Hunter to fill in a core dps spot. We are also entertaining the idea of a ele/enh Shaman to cover an opening happening in a few weeks.

The guild is at 6/12 and looking to make some decent headway on Durumu this week.


Submit an application or talk to an officer in-game for more information.
Durumu the Forgotten down! 7/12

We also got Primordius to 6% so pretty sure he'll be dead very very soon too!
Primordius and Dark Animus both dead as of last night!

The guild is currently 9/12 now and making some awesome progress. Hoping to finish off throne and hit up heroics in the coming weeks!

We're always looking for good players, send through an application at http://www.onineko.org/ or whisper an officer in-game.

Iron Qon and Twin Consorts down! We're now 11/12 with just Lei Shen to go!

Interested in joining an awesome bunch of awesome people?

Apply here: http://www.onineko.org/

Lei Shen down!

Onineko is now 12/12 and will very shortly be starting our heroic campaign through ToT. As always we are looking for fun and dynamic players to join out ranks. Apply today by chatting to an officer or submitting an application on our website.

Bump for starting heroics this week!

Jin'rokh the Breaker Heroic dead!

Onineko is finally back in the heroic world!

Heroic Ji-kun down! 2/13 woot woo!

Casual and full time raider spots for our Australian and American teams are still open. Submit an application to http://www.onineko.org/ or speak to an officer in game to find out more!


Our Australian team is now recruiting 1 Plate Tank to fill in a core spot in heroic progression. We're ideally looking at an ilvl of at least 515 with experience of 12/12 (heroics are a bonus).

Submit an application to http://www.onineko.org/ or speak to an officer in game.


Still looking for a kick !@# tank to come in to a fun guild still at the early end of their heroic campaign progression campaign and continue on for Siege and beyond.

Onineko http://www.onineko.org/
Hello again,

We're still poking around for a solid plate tank to join us at Onineko on Blackrock. The group is 2/13H and looking to buck down and hit Siege hard when it lands.

Apply today! http://www.onineko.org/

Onineko, recruiting for Siege and beyond!

Hit us up at http://www.onineko.org/

Onineko is still looking for weird and wonderful people from all backgrounds to join our growing community of many, many years.

Apply at our website or speak to an officer in-game for more information.

Heroic Horridon down!

It's been a while since progress but things have stabilized and we've smacked another heroic boss down in the face!

Interested in joining the fun? Submit an application at http://www.onineko.org/ or chat to an officer in-game.

Peace be with you
Oh dear, Necro bump!

Onineko is recruiting for Siege! We are ideally looking for a couple of pro ranged dps classes to fill out in our core 10 man team.

Specifically we would like:


However all classes/specs are encouraged to apply.

We're looking to hit Siege hard this week and make some big inroads into the instance. Applicants should head on over to http://www.onineko.org/ and submit an application for review!


Despite the late night / early morning maintenance, we cracked open our Siege campaign and knocked over the first two bosses (yay!)

Onineko swooped in last night and knocked another two bosses off and got very very close to Galakras!

We're still keen for a cloth caster and in the market for a healer with a reasonable dps offspec. Apply today at http://www.onineko.org/ or contact an officer in-game.


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