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I'm looking for a guild on either Alliance or Horde, willing to transfer (obviously) 10M not 25M that is at least 7/8 Heroic pretty much on farm. Looking preferably for a guild that full clears in 1-1.5 raid days. This may be asking a bit much, but I am not looking for a guild that is still progressing through the majority of hardmodes.

I am currently 7/8 heroic myself, Mor-Spine on farm, have experience on HM Madness with and without Disperse Impale strat. Only approximately 10 give or take attempts on HM Madness, 1 end of the day's progression practically zero problems on platforms 1-4. Issues with Congealing Bloods on DW. Guild sorta fell apart due to disagreements and personality conflicts, and so here I am lookin for a new one.

I do have a Disc off spec, I am willing to heal although I would prefer DPS. My OS gear is decent, lacking good trinkets but I do have a full heroic 4 set for Disc. I have experience healing every fight on heroic except Madness, and Ultraxion. We always 2 healed sometimes 1 healed it.

I am a competent player who does his homework when it comes to new encounters, strategies, and performance. I carry my weight in any raid I'm in and I make it my goal each time to do better than I did last time.

Availability - Fri, Sat, and Sun are out, no exceptions. I would prefer Tue, Wed, or Thur evening to early night central standard time.

Please feel free to holler at me on this thread regarding discussing further if you have any open spots available and seem to think I would fit. I do not feel comfortable posting my real-id here on the forums. This can all be discussed VIA tells ingame. I make a toon on your realm/you on mine and we can exchange necessary information there.
Rainbow Avengers of US-Stormrage is a 10man semi-hardcore late night guild. We're currently 8/8HM in Dragon Soul. We're a very laid back guild that enjoys having fun, and getting bosses down. There are times to have fun, and there are times to get things done.

We downed Spine Heroic at 5% and Heroic Madness at 10%.

In Mists of Pandaria, we’re looking to move into hardcore raiding. Our goals are to be server first in the first tier, and continue to push for some decently ranked US kills.

If you're looking to have a good time and still progress, this is the guild for you.

A few of our current members who have been with us all of Cataclysm, are wanting to retire from raiding.With that being said, you'll have some big shoes to fill.

-Vent, you must have a mic and it must be able to use it at any point in raid combat. No one likes to reads raid chat during heroic Ultraxion.
-Exp, we are taking in high consideration those players who are equal to our exp. with that said do not waste our time talking to us if you haven't seen atleast 5/8HM yet.
-Attendance, with it being a 10 man guild attendance is a huge issue. We are trying to keep a core 10. We do not recruit for the bench.
-Internet connectivity, you must have a stable connection to where you are not DC'ing mid fights.
-+18 years of age
-Research, know your role and how the fights works prior to raid invites.

Our raid times are currently Monday-Thursday 12:00-4:00 A.M. EST. With possible Sunday raid nights as we see fit during progression.

We're currently in need of the following for our core team:
1 Blood DK
1 Shadow Priest
1 Holy Paladin

We go by the motto gear isn't everything. We can get you gear, we can't make you play your class. If you're not having fun, you're not properly raiding! Raiding was implemented to have fun, not to feel like a job. Once it does, you get burnt out, that's when the game isn't enjoyable anymore, for any of us.

We plan on having multiple streams in MoP, we already have one. A few more of us will be streaming as well for more PoVs.

As said above, we're only a 10man guild, we require 100% attendance, but understand that things do happen.

Lastly, this is a "hard-core" raiding guild. We are aiming high and need solid players.

If you're interested, contact myself, Royalite, or Kradrepins ingame.
Tizank: JimmyThePimp644@Yahoo.com
Royalite: Madpunker77@Yahoo.com
Kradrepins: xxspitfirexx21@Hotmail.com
That's a bit late for me, sorry.
Hello darkwîng, read through your post, and I think we would be the best guild for you!

<U SrS Bro> is an alliance based guild on Elune- US, recently transferred from Staghelm- US, looking for a priest to round out our roster.

Raid times in CsT form would be Monday - Wednesday@ 8-11

During progression we tend to raid a bit over, but only if everyone raiding can.Progression
Dragon Soul 8/8H

Firelands 7/7H

This tier we have basically been 9 or even 8 manning dragon soul at some points on our progression, we are looking for someone very long term, as we are a very tight knit guild, often playing other games with each other outside of raid nights, will make you feel most welcome!

Further more, I would like to contact you as soon as possible, as it seems you are the only priest I can find with the common since to still go 3203 haste cap with this tier 13 4 set.

Already checked your logs, Right exactly were you should be with your gear, Therefore, I would like to offer you a core spot for our one night 8/8H clears, Firelands 7/7H clears, and further more into Mop progression! Please contact me as soon as possible via real id@, I've also made a character on your server for when I can catch you online, if real ID is not the best way of contact for you.
Soldier is a Casual raid guild. We currently raid Tues and Weds 7-11 server (CST) and are working on Heroic Spine in DS. We are in need of 1 ranged DPS OR a Heals with DPS OS to join our core group for progression.

What we expect:

Close to 100% attendance, we run a very tight 10m group, no reserves..
Focus while you are here, since we raid 2 days a week, we make the most of the days we do!
Know your Role and Class.... Does this need an explanation..
Be mature.. We are all adults.. well most of us.. but we have fun together...

What you can expect:

Food / Flasks and Enchants provided by the guild
Competent raid members
Active guild to raid with and do other things also.. (Things are slowing down with the MoP beta, etc.. but when MoP comes out I am sure there will be plenty extra stuff going on again)

If you are interested, please contact me in game at sukodin@gmail.com RealID. Our WoL's are here:


Our Current raid group is:


Priest (OS DPS)

Frost DK

Emerald Dream is an RP-PVP server with a High Population. WPvP is alive and well on our server, and there is always something going on to do. The server is on CST.
Hey Darkwing

I'll keep this short since people usually don't like reading a giant blob of text
<Pretension> is currently in need for a disc/shadow priest
We are a newly formed group and even after all the ups and downs we went through we managed to pull up a server 2nd 8/8 H DS

Our group is very competitive when it comes to parses so you won't have to worry about baddies in this group

Raid times
Tues - Thurs (currently raiding just Tuesday's and Wednesday's for FL and DS)
8:45pm - 12:00pm (est)

If you are interested and would like to ask any more questions please contact me:

Best of wishes in picking out a guild!~

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