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Hey guys, i've been hearing a lot about this Argent Tournament, and it seems there are a lot of cool mounts and stuff to be obtained.

The one problem is I have no clue how this works and I would like to try it out. If anyone can supply me with info to get my feet wet in this area of WoW it would be much appreiciated.
There's lots to go over so it's easier just to link you
well, head over the the site and talk to some npc's get started on the dailies. not much to be explained that npc's dont tell you :)
Pretty much go there, do the small chain quest, and do dailies. lots and lots of dailies. Personally, I'd go for the pony for your argent tabard first if you are serious about grinding them because it lets you port there. It is annoying to go there now that Northrend isn't the main hub.

But it is probably about a month of doing dailies every day to have the rep to get the tabard. You need to be able to represent every faction there + be either revered or exalted w/ every city faction (save worgen/goblins) and the Argent Crusade to access the vendor.
04/27/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Jåy
Personally, I'd go for the pony for your argent tabard first

...was that "for" meant to be an "or"?

The tabard and pony (bridle) are unrelated items.

Tabard = 50 seals
Bridle = 150 seals

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