[H] 6/8H 10m Shades of Oblivion LFM

Bleeding Hollow
We are currently recruiting:
Second Progression group
Just about everything

Just about anyone

About us:
Shades of Oblivion is a late night raiding guild currently looking for more members to fill our ranks. We are 6/8 Hard Mode progression. Our Raid Times are Tuesday/Thursday 12:30 - 3:30 Eastern Time for our main group. And our second progression group which is in the process of starting is going to be Saturday/Sunday 12:30-3:30 Eastern Time. Feel free to apply at http://shadesofoblivion.guildlaunch.com/ or message/send mail to me in-game and I can hit you up with my realid.
Bump for love
JOIN US WE HAVE CAKE. also should change it to 8/8h Judiz
Need a 396 rogue?

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