Elemental Ascendance

So it looks like they fixed Lava Beams or just no one noticed it.

Before it acted just like Chain Lightning. Each jump reduced in dmg by 30% but it did jump to 5 targets without the Glyph of Chain Lightning.

Now Lava Beam still attacks 5 targets but each jump remains the same damage as the initial jump. So no longer losing any dmg is pretty nice but still don't see a Shaman wasted the cooldown just for that.
Black ooze on Yor'sahj anyone?

Honestly that's amazing and not totally surprising. I figured there had to be more to lava beam than a different graphic. There are fights in which AoE is required and this will give elemental shamans a great niche. It will not be popped often for AoE circumstances, but it's going to be great for them nonetheless.
This makes me wonder if they'll add an aoe component to enhance's ascendance.
There you go, never thought about it for PVP purposes haha. That would be good especially AV.
Elemental Ascendance is the only ability that may bring me out of retirement. I've been using it a lot on the Beta and all you look forward to is that sweet ability to come off CD. Ascendance, SWG, EM, Ancestral Guidance, Trinket = utter god mode for you and your party for 20sec or so.
I still cant get past the stupid meditation quests
04/27/2012 07:32 PMPosted by Tsar
This makes me wonder if they'll add an aoe component to enhance's ascendance.

They really need to do that, or make it reduce the cooldown of stormstrike or something. Right now its like just an auto-attack buff.

Here's a video of it in action.

Also includes Glyph of Chaining, Glyph of Riptide and Tauren Monk animations.

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