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/cast wind shear

this is godly as an elemental shaman as myself(shaman is my main)

EDIT: Yay first! I love you Daxxarri!

It's /stop casting
It will not work the other way.
I've got my glyphed or something for a shoter cooldown. So...
it is either. The space doesnt matter in this case
the player who does not interrupt on CD is much more terrifying than the one that does
l2 fake cast
It's /stop castingIt will not work the other way

/stopcasting is the correct macro command. /stop casting shouldn't do anything, and if it does, well then, waste of a character with the space.
As a melee, just spam interrupts, you'll have about 3 more in case you missed.As a caster, you just hope to fake, which never works because crap players will interrupt you unintentionally afterwards because they are slow to react, and the better players will just wait you out til the end of your cast.
the only classes that can "waste" an interrupt are mages and warlocks. everyone else has either 5 second or 10 second cooldowns, which is nothing, considering if they miss (which hinders them in no way for some reason) they have several other options to shut you down inbetween. also, if you don't have an addon like interruptbar to even KNOW when you've successfully faked an interrupt (besides mage/warlock since they come with a silence), good luck!
For Hunters, make sure you do a double /stopcasting for your abilities.
For example:

#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/use [mod:shift,@focus] Silencing Shot; Silencing Shot.

(This uses Silencing shot on focus if you have one AND Shift is pressed, if you don't have shift pressed OR you don't have a focus period, it'll use it on your current target. I'm not sure on the technical reason why Hunters use a double /stopcasting, but it is necessary for 100% stop casts)
./cast [target=focus]*Spellname*

Set focus and pew pew.
Well....with knowledge that i'll get burned to the ground for saying this.....

This mechanic is one if not THE most important aspect of PvP and the one that truly defines how good of a player you are, whether avoiding them or performing them in the correct and precise moment.
From a healers perspective i can say that it is the most useful, deadly and unfortunately less used tool at our disposal. Healers tend to concentrate on healing and disregard the fact that this is exactly what your opponent expects.
Many of my arena encounters have been won based on proper interrupting from the healer because its not so expected from them. Most dps tend to have a very straightforward and 'careless' mindset going against a healer because in most cases (there are exceptions) they know they wont ever be able to produce such burst damage with enough consistency to kill them.

However, silences in my opinion are the most insulting mechanic created in the game to date and i cannot be repulsed more by them. The fact that you can basically "pre-interrupt" someone, sometimes for the ridiculous amount of 5 secs. ( A million things happen in 5 secs. in arenas) is a total insult to the intellect of the player. There is no skill involved in it as only serves as a 'safe-blanket' for those that have no experience determining the movements of enemy players. I really don't see how it improves a players knowledge on PvP warfare.

Have at it... XD
As a Feral Druid.
Skull Bash Cat form, Skull Bash Bear form.
Switch to bear form and Bash.
Gain distance on your target go Bear and Feral Charge Back in. (I see a lot druids not doing this)
If you have combo points (even if its one) and you don't want their spell to go off Maim.
I know the power lies in cat, but don't ignore your bear form. It's your friend.
Spellcaster: Basically, pretend you are casting. Let the spell cast something around 40% and stop, move or do something else. He might waste the interrupt because of the small delay everyone has.

The dudes that interrupt: Either you should interrupt asap, because of what I stated above, or wait until the casting it's almost over. There's a great chance that spell is not going to be interrupted intentionally if it cast too much of the entire casting time. Also, because of latency, it's risky to wait to much to interrupt, so it's quite problematic to don't waste it.

Silences and Stuns: the most effective of all. Any sort of disorient, instant, effect is useful as well. The good thing about silence and stuns is that it works, basically, as some sort of sucessful interrupt. Whoever got's one, isn't going to be able to do much. That's basically why rogues are ridiculous, they spam these things on your face all the time.
On my pally if I am above 75% health I just let them interrupt it. Once the lockout is over I just cast again, interrupts being on a 10 sec cooldown gives me a free holy light for all my targets hps back. A rogue can keep me locked down a long time if he tries, but he waste all of his energy on that and therefore does little damage. That still becomes a problem if I am the only healer, but that is rarely the case. Throw in 5k resil and yeah... no point in juking really.
Two things on the topic of interruption:

1. Types of Interrupts:
Most classes have some form of interrupt that is obvious e.g mind freeze for Dks, rebuke for pallies etc. but there are other key abilities that are also interrupts. These include stuns, pet abilities and deathgrip/mind control. The key is not to waste death grips on being lazy and instead use it to interrupt key spells.

2. Communication:
Applies more to arena than anything else, you need to communicate not only when your interrupting but what spell school it was. Interrupting a low HP frost mage out of his frost school could mean an early kill without iceblock.
If you are a shaman drop grounding totem and greater healing wave right after (don't work with warriors and rogues)
forget casting spells I just hit stuff with my staff
Basically, download InterruptBar and fall in love with it. (Adds a GUI element that displays an icon for all possible hostile interrupts and indicates when they go onto cooldown and when they come off)

1. If you're getting trained by 1 or 2 melee, you can juke them I'm sure, or use a spell outside of your main school (very few casters have this option)
2. If it's 3 or more, pop defensive cooldowns and outlast their offensive ones, and Good luck. Probably faster to just bend over.

Luckily the dominating melee interrupts are being more or less fixed in Pandaria, so we have that to look forward to.

Sidenote, please make all melee interrupts as obviously noticeable as Mind Freeze. It isn't as easy to spot Pummel or Kick or Rebuke in a big 5+ player per side skirmish in a battleground or something. It's ok though for now, that's what InterruptBar is for.
conc aura
aura mastery

people waste so many interupts while i hardcast during that, it's funny.
AS a druid moonkin or resto, best trick to fake people is cast starfire when you need to heal/wrath and cast wrath when you need to starfire, they will interupt wrong school, there you go free cast, except against DK

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