402 Surv/BM Hunter LF long term guild

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As the title says 7 year Hunter Vet lookin for a permanent home for the rest of Cata and MOP, would like a guild either 6/8 hm with GOOD progression on spine since i have been 6/8 hm pre nerf with guild issues not making it possible for me to be 8/8.Thanks Lyim
Soldier is a Casual raid guild. We currently raid Tues and Weds 7-11 server (CST) and are working on Heroic Spine in DS. We are in need of 1 ranged DPS OR a Heals with DPS OS to join our core group for progression.

What we expect:

Close to 100% attendance, we run a very tight 10m group, no reserves..
Focus while you are here, since we raid 2 days a week, we make the most of the days we do!
Know your Role and Class.... Does this need an explanation..
Be mature.. We are all adults.. well most of us.. but we have fun together...

What you can expect:

Food / Flasks and Enchants provided by the guild
Competent raid members
Active guild to raid with and do other things also.. (Things are slowing down with the MoP beta, etc.. but when MoP comes out I am sure there will be plenty extra stuff going on again)

If you are interested, please contact me in game at sukodin@gmail.com RealID. Our WoL's are here:


Our Current raid group is:


Priest (OS DPS)

Frost DK

Emerald Dream is an RP-PVP server with a High Population. WPvP is alive and well on our server, and there is always something going on to do. The server is on CST.
Hey Tamemaster, we are 8/8hms in 10 man and currently looking for a hunter since we have 0 on our core. We only have 1 protector in our raid which is a brand new recruit resto shaman so tier and mail agil pieces aren't really used atm. We raid tues-thurs 6:45-10pm est. We normally clear in one night. We are a high pop server, also looking to continue running firelands for drakes and rated bgs on off nights. We are a very laid back guild who likes to joke around with each other.

I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

My rl id: jessicaviens@hotmail.com
<After Six> currently has three ten man raid groups running. We vary from 8/8HM to 5/8 HM and 3/8HM. We are a very friendly guild who likes to have fun playing WoW. We do take raiding seriously. We are a progression guild first.

My group (5/8HM) is currently looking for a Warlock or Hunter for an immediate spot.

What I expect from you:
A gear level ready to jump into Heroic Warmaster. Therefore around ~400.
Experience: At least 4/8 HM.
Knowledge of your class and spec, and preferably WoL reports to back you up.
A positive attitude. This is important.
Desire to make progression and have fun while doing it.

What you can expect from us:

Raid needs paid for.
Repairs paid for.
A positive, fun, welcoming environment.
A dedicated group of people all working towards the goal of progression.

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday 9PM-12AM EST. (8-11 CST).

Please, if you have any questions or are curious about our guild feel free to post here or add me on Battle.net

<After Six>
Guild <One O One> is a 25man Alliance guild on server Stormscale (PvP).

#1 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the server.
We are 6/8 HM DS 25 man.
We are 6/7 HM (7/7 Norm) Firelands.
We are 9/13HM Cataclysm bosses.
We are the 1st Alliance Guild to kill Al'akir 25man on the server.
We are Alliance 1st Ruby Sanctum (25); Server 3rd. RS 10HM Down.
We are 12/12 ICC 25 with 11/12 Hard modes (25).
Lich King HM down on 10-man.

Raid times:

5pm - 8pm PST which translates into 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time(EST)

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm PST
Wednesday 5 pm - 8pm PST
Thursday 5pm - 8pm PST

On Sundays we either run an a HM 10 man or an alt 10 man. It is not mandatory to attend the 10 man.

What we are looking for:

(These are just preferences. If you are not 1 of the classes listed below, don't be discouraged and please read on)

1 DPS (any class works really as long as its not foreign for u to rank on WOL)
1 Tank - Any class works but Warrior would be nice (solid offspec a must)
Healer - Resto Shammy

There aren't specific classes we are valuing above the rest. If you feel you're the type of player we want (description below), we encourage you to apply regardless of what class you are. Guild <One O One> does not recruit players for a "backup" or "bench" position. If you are recruited, you will be raiding.


We use the EPGP loot system that is fair to both the veteran players and the newcomers.


In a few words : This is a place for mature well-mannered people who look to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. To be part of our guild you have to be a good player but even more so a good person.

<One O One>'s raiding atmosphere is rather well-collected and not the abrasive, vulgar type that is unfortunately common in many high-end guilds. We will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made, but we also generally portray ourselves as if we're adults in public.

For the reason that a player's character/attitude is more important to us then their otherwise amazing skills we do not only rely on website applications but also hold interviews "in person" over Ventrilo or within game to have a better feel/understanding of who you are. You are welcome to add me on Real ID (a40691468@hotmail.com) or make a level 1 toon on Stormscale, Alliance side and ask for an officer in guild. There is always someone available for you to talk to. How to contact:


GM: Cayssaelea (Real ID a40691468@hotmail.com)
My alts are:
[ Prisonstylle, Moonria, Michaeljkson, Healasaures, Nepizdisuka, Bakdorampge, Wrapyortotem]

If your DPS numbers are competitive, we could be a good fit. Let's talk in game, I'm putting my usual copy/paste stuff below with other guild info:

Only TWO Nights a Week
Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:30-11PM EST

25s Horde on Shadowmoon (PVP) 1:1 Ratio, #19 population US

6/8 Heroic, 3rd plate burn on spine.
Get at me in game if you're interested, modo3211@yahoo.com on realid

NOTE: Applications are not necessary. If you choose not to apply, we do require an interview on Ventrilo (which may also even happen if you do apply). My posting here is an indication that we currently have an immediate opening for your class/spec.

About Us
<Guiles Theme Song> is a new 25-man raiding guild currently in the process of transitioning from 10-man after accomplishing 8/8 on heroic in Dragon Soul (amongst other accomplishments in previous tiers), residing on Magtheridon-US Horde (Ruin battlegroup, EST server time). The foundation of the guild is a group of friends with one common goal, to be successful in the competitive raiding scene. We are recruiting players to round up our core roster for Mists of Pandaria.

Progression (10man)
T11-H: Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds - 13/13
T12-H: Firelands - 7/7
T13-H: Dragon Soul - 8/8 (2/29/12)

Raid Times
M/T/W/Th - 8:00PM-12:00AM EST

Visit our website at: http://guilesthemesong.wowstead.com/
Whisper/mail me in-game at: Teem (real-id timothyjtwu@hotmail.com).

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.
4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun


Hi there :)

8/8 HM DS

10 man weekend raid guild.
Great atmosphere.
Age range: 20-35
Stable home for 6+ years.
We consider loot a tool and not a reward.

>> www.shadeofarrows.darkbb.com << for more information.

I'll be online tonight if you want to talk.

RID is megan.cuccio@gmail.com OR lightofarrows@live.com **CONTACT ASAP**

4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
Crimson Moon Rising

Server - US - Dalaran (EST)
Format - Semi-Hardcore 25 man raiding
Loot - EPGP/Council
Raid Times - 9:00 - 12:00 am Monday - Thursday (EST)
Website - www.crimsonmoonrising.com


Crimson Moon Rising is currently 8/8 Heroic 25 man. We started off as a 10 man guild at the launch of Cataclysm. We have since decided to expand to 25 primarily because we prefer the larger guild environment. We are opening recruiting to all classes and specs for the upcoming MoP expansion. You can reach me via real ID (hexum101@hotmail.com) if you have any further questions.
<Apostasy> Horde-Stormreaver is looking for a competent range dps that fits your description! We raid on Tues-Thurs 9-12 Central time. We're looking, like you said, to fill this spot with someone that wants to get in our group and push progression for the long haul! We're currently 5/8H with Blackhorn down to 20%...looking to push past this boss and finish DS! If you have any questions or if you're interested, feel free to add me in game j_dan_thornton@yahoo.com is my real ID. Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you! :D

25 man Horde 8/8 HM in need of 1 good hunter, throw up an app, you never know.
Hey Tamemaster,

We've been raiding 7 years now (formed at release), and are currently 6/8H - 6/7HM P3 in T12 and 9/13 in T11 Heroics. We're looking to add a Hunter.

We raid 25 mans Sunday-Wednesday from 7:15-11:00EST. Most of our members are out of school and have jobs, so we offer a more mature, stable, balanced environment. How many other raiders can say they've done everything from Lucifron to Ragnaros (twice) in the same guild?

I'd encourage you to learn a little more about us and let me know if you have any other questions (email at dotdapps@dotd.org, or RealID Thark@dotd.org).

Learn more at www.dotd.org if you're interested or visit -http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3881881018?page=1
<Blasting off Again>

25man 6/8HM Late Night PST Guild. Solid Progression on Spine. (3rd Plate 2nd lift every attempt)
Solid group of people who enjoy vulgarity and everything in between. we all enjoy long walks on the beach and doing lines of !Co-Caine! off each others bodies. (Example) We all give 110% percent when its raid time! while managing to have fun.
Have solid attendance we do count on every raider to be available every raid night but we do understand things come up.
Give you're all during raid bare minimum will not be accepted here.

Monday - Thursday 10PM-1AM PST.

<Needs/Core Spots>
Arcane/Fire Mage. (Immediate Need)
Balance Druid, Restoration Druid.
Frost/Unholy Death Knight(Immediate Need)
Discipline Priest.
Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration Shaman
Survival Hunter.
FAIR! Loot Council.

<Contact us / Apply!>
RealID: Davie.Chavez@yahoo.com
Site: BlastingoFFAGain.net
<Warfare>on Frostwolf is looking for a few more skilled players to round out our 25-man raid team! We're a long-term guild with a solid 4+ year history of raiding and we're looking for members who dedicated to the game. We are ready to go into MoP strong and hope you are too.

Basic Information:
Guild: Warfare – http://www.warfareguild.us
Faction: Horde
Server: Frostwolf (PvP/PST)- Medium Server Population
Battlegroup: Bloodlust (BG 9)

Progression: 8/8 HM (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostwolf/Warfare)
Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm PST
Raid Size: 25-man
Loot System: EPGP
Recruitment Contact:
Putiputi via real ID (msido317@gmail.com)
Sunna via real ID (kleinekatze5@gmail.com)
We're looking for a hunter.

The Squirrel Mafia - Alliance - US Shadowmoon (PvP)

Tier 13 25 Man Progression: 8/8H Spine: 63 US
Tier 12 25 Man Progression: 7/7H 74 US
Tier 11 25 Man Progression: 13/13H 93 US
TBC Sunwell Progression: 6/6 56 US (pre-nerf M'uru)
Vanilla Naxx Progression: 15/15 ~50 US

Raid Times - 12 Hours - 3 Nights - Tues-Thurs

8-12 EST Tuesday
8-12 EST Wednesday
8-12 EST Thursday

Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 100% attendance is a MUST, but we do not raid extra hours.

About TSM:

The Squirrel Mafia is a raiding guild that aims for top-flight progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it does not need to demand it on a life-consuming level. We have been a 3 night guild since mid-WoTLK and have no plans to change our schedule anytime soon.

However, a casual schedule does not mean casual goals. Competitive progression is something that we take very seriously. TSM was formed the day WoW was first launched and has competitively cleared every boss in every expansion Blizzard has ever released. If you're looking for a strong tradition of PvE success, TSM can offer it and more.

Lastly, TSM is a group of real people where personality is welcome. This is not a faceless dragonslaying collective that just exists to kill bosses, acquire loot, and get bigger numbers on meters or smaller numbers on progression lists. We are people that enjoy the entire raiding process, the frustrations as well as the triumphs. If you genuinely want to raid, to see and work on content, I have absolutely no reservations recommending TSM to you.

Those were our founding principles, and ones that we have kept to for over 7 years.

Final Words:

You can find more information as well as file an application on our site at http://www.tsmguild.net.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer them. Message me on Shadowmoon-US!

Thank you for your interest in TSM,

Hey there Lyim,

I am currently looking for a strong hunter that loves to grind heroic encounters, current and for MOP. So if you can pewpew, get out of bad, listen to instruction, loves heroic grinds, and can (this is a must) laugh at perverse and disturbing jokes...check us out:


Above is our spam/history blah blah, so if youre looking for a HOME not just a guild hit me up on real id: dawsondeanna36@gmail.com.

Thx !!
GM of GC

We're not on spine yet, but working on warmaster

<Tempest> is 5/8 Heroic with H Morchok, Hagara, Yor'sahj, Zon'ozz, and Ultraxion down, working on Warmaster. I'd love to talk more with you about our group. We have a solid history of 25 man raiding, and are looking strong into Mists.

<Tempest>, US Alliance Gorgonnash is a 25man raiding guild that has been raiding solidly since 2007. We strive to push progression, and continually better our raid, while treating each other with respect and friendship.

Current Progression:
5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
8/8 Dragon Soul
4/7 Heroic Firelands
7/7 Normal Firelands

Raid Times:
6:30-10:30 server (Pacfic), Tues, Weds. We take a 15 minute break halfway through
We will be going back to a 3 night a week schedule in Mists (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

Full recruitment thread for more info:

If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Tempest> family, you can apply online at

Come make a character on Gorgonnash and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you!
Whisper Namelessone, Earrl or Goatcheese, or anyone from <Tempest> and they’ll put you in contact with us!

RealID or email contact: slimey42@yahoo.com. Available via email any time, RealID weeknights after 6 CST, anytime on weekends.
Hey hows it going, our guild just newly transferred to Fizzcrank and hoping to be the best and compete for #1 on the server. We're 5/8 HM and looking to progress. If your interested add me mikethepineapple@yahoo.com and we can talk about details.
Tamemaster, I'd love to chat about a spot on our 10 man.

Short and Sweet: We're an 8/8H 10-man group filled with a core of talented players. Our players come from Adept, Carebears, and other US top 30-type guilds. We made <Carried> to progress on a lighter schedule but still maintain respectable rank.

Lengthy About Us: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4662716999#1

RealID: blur3510@hotmail.com
Website: carriedguild.net

<TFA> is the leading progression guild on the US-Bronzebeard server, and we're looking for an excellent player to balance out our raids. We have a strong core of players and a friendly environment, but at the same time we're very progression-focused. We're exclusively 10-man and plan to stay that way. We currently have an opening for a hunter. This is for a core position. You will be raiding 8/8 heroic as soon as you transfer, not riding the bench.

Guild Name - The Feral Aggressors
Website - tfa-guild.info (all applications are private)
Raid Days/Times - Sun-Wed 8-11pm PST
Recruitment Needs - one Hunter, moonkin, or shadow priest
Contacts/Officers - Doraks, Bellachanel, Naihan (Naihan's alts: Kilzaga, Aidra, Klaes)
Naihan's Real ID: nma08@my.fsu.edu

Current Raid Progression:
Finished cataclysm ranked #86 US 10-man
8/8 H Dragon Soul (Realm First! Deathwing, kill date: 2/28/12)

7/7 H Firelands
13/13 H tier-11
Earned every Cataclysm raid achievement, ranked world #96 for achievements

What we require from our raiders:
- Respect for your fellow raiders and raid officers.
- Appropriate gear for your class and spec.
- Appropriate talents and glyphs.
- Gear enchanted and gemmed correctly.
- Consistency in raid attendance and performance.
- Exceptional situational awareness.
- Ability to take constructive criticism and consider suggestions.
- Full understanding of all raid strategies.
- Attending raid prepared with reagents.

Loot System: Loot Council, we are very fair when it comes to loots with the principal rule being gearing up people at the same rate.

Please do not hesitate to apply or talk to an officer in game for more information.

While we are not currently actively searching for anything other than the above classes, if you believe you are an exceptional player of your particular class and spec, don’t be afraid to apply. We always are looking to update our roster with the best players available.

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