[H] LFM 70 Twinks!

Arenas and BGs at the 70 twink bracket are surprisingly active, short bg ques, even shorter arena ques. Not to mention how fun it is!

I am looking for more 70s to pvp with, perhaps you already have a 70, or might be interested in making one! I am certainly willing to help those who need it with gathering gear and providing tips to success.

Come join the fun!p.s. please dont just get full brutal and call urself a twink, it does require some commitment.
My buddy and I on this server do twinks, but we have our mains on Hyjal now and we are looking to do PvE and PvP once we get alts up, hes doing rogue while I do druid in 2's and warlock and holy pally as well, on Hyjal.

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