[H] How is this realm?

Hello, a few friends and I are thinking about transferring here (Horde) for Mists of Pandaria. We can only raid after 8pm PST. Are there any 8pm or later raiding guilds? also, would you say this is a good server in general? Thanks.
Lucid for sure is a late night raiding guild (they're 6/8 heroic, I believe) so you may want to check with them as far as recruiting status.

As far as this server goes, really like it. Huge improvement over Wyrmrest Accord, and plenty of pugs going on throughout the day. As in any other realm, you'll find your typical asshats but you'll also find friendly people.

Best of luck if you choose to transfer here!
Hyjal is a very active server. My only experience is with the Horde side of things but there always seems to be pugs starting up with a number of later night guilds with decent progression. I moved over here 6mo ago and have loved it
We just transferred our entire 25-man guild over from Khaz Modan. It's very active on Hyjal. We've been here for a week and very happy we transferred.

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