25M Heroic Firelands W/ Heroic Rag Attempts.

Digerati showed me this cool website called Openraid.com so figured I'd put it to the test.


You can sign up there or contact me in game.

If a success I'll be running this weekly for the mount mainly, but siphons are reserved (Embers / Cinders open) I already have the mount so it will be /roll for whomever doesn't have it.
Id be good for hopefully going and reserving cinders on this toon.

Im going to check out your link now.
The more you use it, the higher the reputation you get if everything goes well. People leave comments about the leader/run after running it. When you get some good feedback as a leader, the quantity and quality of people joining your weekly runs goes up in future weeks, so keep in mind that the first run or two you do on there might not be as widely recepted, but you'll eventually get past that, and it's a great website for doing random achievements and instances that no one else wants to do, lol.
Takes 2 mins to sign up and the group is nearly complete!
This sounds like a great thing :) Signed up and enthused.
Which toon did you sign up on? I'm taking Sargeras people over cross realm to help out the community.

On another note, all we need is healers at this point, but willing to reserve spots for the right players.
I signed up on this toon Disdayne as a healer :)

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