Lightwell Auto-cast.

Make the ability 'auto-castable', yet the autocast won't be to cast the lightwell itself. Instead, it will make the lightwells you DO cast, automatically place it's buff on those below 60% hp.

put a debuff or something on the target IF the spell is autocast which lasts maybe 10-15 seconds, so that the lightwell won't spam one person over and over.

This would be a choice the priest would make.

I know this has been suggested before, as I myself have suggested something similar years ago. But honestly, with blizzard attempting to make raids viable for pugs, it makes sense now.

If you only want your tank to get it, then turn off auto-cast.

as for PvP...well, it's the same deal with pve. It's always been there, but will simply make use of holy priest utility even if their buddy is..well...doesn't want to click the lightwell.

i sent this idea in as a suggestion ingame already. If anyone has a realistic counter argument, go ahead and share it...Or if you simply agree, then feel free to do so as well.

I'm not certain on the CD on the lightwell casting. with the amount of charges it has spread over 2 minutes, i'd say once every 7 seconds or something. (it's not exact, i know)
I don't really mind the fact that Lightwell needs to be clicked. If people are smart, you can be absolutely sure that charges won't go to waste. And if all else fails, the priest can have all 10 charges to themselves, so it's still good.
Doesn't mean It's not a good idea. You can turn the auto-cast off if you like your current system. :P
I'd prefer another way for a priest to interact with the Lightwell. Not necessarily having the priest using a charge on another player, but I was thinking of drawing from Lightwell charges to get other effects. I don't see Lightwell becoming mindless, and it can be expanded upon without making it mindless.

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