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04/27/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Nikolatesla
would not work with bows . . .

Pistol crossbows....which brings me to my choice. Shadow Hunters.

Hero Class - All Races
DPS/Tank/Healing DPS

Abilities include ability to vanish or actually "meld" into the backround, masters of ambush calling on shadow to hide them, dual wield ranged weapons, use "Shadow Amulets" in place of gems that increase their shadow powers, no permanent pets but a stable of shadow pets available for anywhere from seconds to minutes.
Arrows and/or bullets do shadow damage along with spells from shadow and nature abilities.
Also included are a number of traps that range from portals to shadow vines.

DPS - Vortex Shot - Your arrow opens a portal to another dimension drawing your target into it. After 5 seconds the target is spit out suffering 100% weapon damage and 3 seconds of "Void Sickness" making them oblivious to their surroundings.

Tank - Shadow Tiger - Your Tiger arrow summons a random number of spectral tigers to attack your target while shadow vines root it in place. Effect causes extreme hostility in the target for you and after 3 minutes it is released and rushes you.

Healing DPS - Supplement - Your arrow travels 30 feet spreading a net over the area that heals friendly targets under it for 3% health per second and entangles enemy targets for 15% weapon damge per second. Net lasts for 10 seconds.

Shadow hunters can wear mail or plate depending on which role they choose.

Leather-clad Melee-Ranged hybrid. DPS. Has AT LEAST two CCs, one that needs melee range, and another that needs to be in ranged... ranged. (Does that make any sense?) Both are on the same cooldown.

Available Races: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves, Draenei, Worgen, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood Elves, Goblins and Pandaren.


One Melee spec.

One Ranged spec.

And a Hybrid spec, perhaps? Can't think of much here.

Shield breakerThe irony? HE DUEL WEILDS SHIELDS.

I was getting ready to say a sheild fighter of some sorts, perhaps the three spec include}

Sheildbreaker- Tank- master of duel-weilding and sheild combat. most abilitys grab aggro, do AOE damage.

Magiguard- Ranged DPS+ some meelee- A specialist on useing a collage of magical arts in conjuntion with his/her sheild

Targecharger- Meelee DPS- ( lol Demoknight Gameplay if yuo have played TF2 with a demoman, the eyelander, and the chargeing targe)
lol duel wielding shields would be epic
Amazing I can't imagine World of Warcraft adding these in, but if they did it would be %#@!ing awesome. Duel shields? LOL talk about tanking... Maybe add physical damage shield and magic damage shield into the game, would mix things up a bit.
Aeliren- Depends on the name of your class and what abilities you give it I guess. But first thing that comes to mind would be something like mid range dps but use certain abilities melee that would benefit range damage or range abilities that benefit melee damage.
Vespias- Interesting, tho a bit too close to the Hunter class it would make an awesome class. Maybe Shadow Stalker, or Night Stalker to avoid "Hunter".
Justicar- No weapons? Well I never thought of doing that before. Hmm could be fun! LOL disarm me now rogue!
Twicedamned- Sounds like a boss fight. LOL love it. I want to play this class now!
Hellica- Agreed. It might be just me but Shadow Priests seem too much like warlocks or warlocks too much like shadow priest?
Enlightnment- Hmmm What happens when you have to stack for a boss fight? Maybe in pvp have a ability that removes cc, and for pve have an ability if moving damage is lowered.

All Great Ideas! Keep posting!

Yes I know Blizz considered this back in when working on the Wrath expansion. But trashed the idea and instead merged it into Death Knight class. I still would have prefered it tho instead of a DK.
Uses his insane power if fists to pwn people

Impale: Using lightning speed and brute force, the player places their fist *inside* their opponent
Spell breaker.

Races - Blood Elf, Night Elf, Human, Forsaken, Worgen, and Trolls
Armor - Leather, Mail (40), Shields
Weapons - 1h Swords, 1h Maces, Daggers, Wands, Staves

Melee DPS that uses a 1h weapon & a shield.
Ranged DPS using Frost & Nature based magic along with abilities designed around stealing enemy spells and abilities.
Ranged DPS using Arcane and Fire based abilities.

Arcana Strike - Typical strike ability.
Sunfire - Ranged damage ability.
Waters of the Well - Mana restoring ability.
Cloak of the Phoenix (has an occasional flame up effect around the character) - Aura that increases spell damage & Run speed. Dazed when hit & applies a fire damage based DoT effect to the enemy who scored the hit.
Cloak of the Sunwell (has an occasional Arcane effect around the character) - Aura that increases spell hit with a chance on critical hit to increase haste & spell power by a small percent.
Cloak of the Tempest (has an occasional Nature/wind effect around the character) - Aura that increases melee haste, spell power, and Mount speed (10%)
Spell Steal - Steals a buff from the enemy.

Species that fell from the skies, takes form of first species it sees (all races) DPS/healer


Meteor Shower: AoE
Comet: Short range ability (think Icy Touch)
Shooting Star: Long range spell ability, default DPS move.
Luminance: Default Heal
Starlight: more powerful heal

Does not use mana/rage/energy, uses Cosmic Power.

Thoughts? :)
At the moment only hybrid classes can go tank, I reckon a new class with 3 tanking specs would be cool. Maybe one of them could be DPS or healing just to mix things up.
Been thinking about this for years... Pirates. Available to every race.

Is like a Hunter x Rogue x Warrior. Uses rage or focus.

Can be melee or ranged, depending on spec. Ranged spec uses guns and throws bombs. Melee spec uses DW swords, daggers, maces. Can place cannons and summon wenches, waves of water and kraken. Pet macaw that adds DPS and specials attacks, can be specced into. Not able to train other animals but can tame different colours. Macaw perches on shoulder or arm when idle and out of combat.

Alcohol boots DPS. Default friendly with bloodsail, starting zone quests can choose to strength or weaken this standing.

Class mounts includes a mechano hog-type mount that is instead a funny looking boat on wheels, doubles as fast water mount, lvl. 85 version can carry 2 additional players.

Make it happen Blizz!
[This was thought up by someone else this is not my idea]
Hello this is a work in progress class idea, I wanted to post it while its incomplete to get more ideas and see if its worth my time to continue this idea, Here are the basic concepts of the class and I would love any feedback that you guys might have.
Techno Mage

Table of Contents
I. Lore Introduction & Quest Ideas
II. Races
III. Class Overview & Defining Characteristics
IV. Resources & Equipment
V. Attachment Grid (Pet System)
VI. Specializations (Talent Trees)
VII. Spells & Technology
VIII. Glyphs (Customization & Gameplay)
IX. Engineering & Ingame Adjustments
X. Testing Theories & Conclusion

I. Lore Introduction

Hello this is a framework idea for the Techno Mage Class the Techno Mage is a wizard that combines both the benefits of magic and technology together in order to master both fields of study. For years, Mages and Tinkers looked on each other with disdain. Each group believed that its way of manipulating the world was superior. Mages have history on their side, with 10,000 or more years of practice, and clear proof of their power. Engineers have the arrogance of the new kid on the block, showing how they can provide air and sea travel through the use of there technology, and even using there gadgets to create explosives that can bring down even the greatest nations around Azeroth. With this new age of technology approaching the world many Mages and Tinkers thirst for power and have decided to explore a new realm of power by combining both magic and technology together. Those that have either a gift for technology or magic are taken in by the House of the Arcane Contraption in order to search for the power they so seek. The House of the Arcane Contraption is a school created about twenty years ago by a small group of like-minded individuals. Their numbers have grown incrementally since then. Preferring neutrality, this group of Techno Mages built a small fortress in the Barrens, just south of Ashenvale in order to create a safe haven for all that wish to join the pursuit of knowledge. This doesn’t mean that they have no affiliations with the Horde or Alliance rather that they serve a strict code that prevents them from engaging each other in this place of knowledge, but no matter how peaceful The House of the Arcane Contraption aims to be a power hungry goblin called Neevil will change the life of all Techno Mages, and the peaceful sanctuary that many have called home for 20 years will be no more.

Quest Ideas
The Techno Mage similar to Death Knights is a Hero Class and Hero Classes start at level 55. While I don’t know what the next expansion is going to be about I decided that I need a focus so I decided to base it off the Emerald Dream. Your Questline begins with your Instructor teaching you how to use all of your abilities, and the code of the Techno Mage. After that you are sent around a new area outside of the House of Arcane Contraption to do some quests. Halfway through your training you meet Neevil one of the founders of the house and he sends you on some shady missions. ¾ through the starting area you meet your Instructor again and she introduces you to the other founders of the academy, and you learn Neevil evil plan to blow up the school, your Instructor joins you in the hunt for Neevil and you have to kill many of his followers in order to find him in a secret room full of explosives. After finding him you and your instructor fight him to the end, but he teleports out and detonates the explosives, as a last attempt your instructor sacrifices herself in order to teleport you out and shield most of the school from the damage. You and many other survivors make it out and 50% of the school gets destroyed. The Surviving founders send you and many others to find and kill Neevil while the rest of the Survivors stay to rebuild the school. While Neevil won’t be the main villain of the expansion he will attempt to revive the Nightmare Lord in order to gain unimaginable power, but when you get to him much later in a raid you fight him and he awakens Xavius but Xavius kills him and gets away.

II. Races
Any race can be a Techno Mage the house of Arcane Contraption welcomes all races that search for power and have a interest in both Technology and Magic. Here are the reasons why a certain individual of a certain race might be a Techno Mage.

Available Races

1.)Humans: Throughout history Humans have been a very Diverse race, they are very open to many things and there are many that have the great gift of magic, or the smarts of engineering.

2.)Gnomes: These little folk are geniuses when it comes to technology, and they make very common Techno Mages due to there search for creative technology.

3.)Dwarfs: Brains is not everything when it comes to technology these guys are the muscle, and since they have a great relationship with the Gnomes and are very fond of technology that makes them great Techno Mages.

4.)Night elves: While Night Elves Techno Mages are rare, due to there worriness about technology and arcane magic those that search for more power are always welcomed.

5.)Draenei: A truly awesome Techno Mage due to there awkward otherworldly technology. Many join in order to discover more secrets about the Technology that Azeroth has to offer.

6.)Worgen: Unlike Humans the Worgens are more primal and would never have been Techno Mages, but since they kept there humanity thanks to the Night Elves some that have a great interest in technology have joined the house.

7.)Pandaren: Pandarens are truly rare Techno Mages however since they have begun populating the world more and more have begun learning things from the other races.

8.)Goblins: If Goblins feel that anything will bring profit to them they are prone to try it out, since Techno Mages are known for there rare and powerful technology many Goblins believe that it would be a very profitable education and many decide to become Techno Mages.

9.)Orcs: While Orcs are not the smartest race in Azeroth there relationship with the Goblins has really taught them many things, and Orcs are now more diverse than ever.

10.)Undeads: The Forsaken make great Techno Mages I mean who do you think we use all those inventions on …. Cough I mean oh forget it.

11.)Tauren: Similar to the Night Elves, and Pandarens its very uncommon for a Tauren to be a Techno Mage; however, those that have a gift for technology usually setout to find out how to use there passion for both technology and magic.

12.)Blood Elves: Blood Elves are power hungry and usually become Techno Mages in the pursuit of power.

13.)Trolls: Trolls are similar to the dwarfs they don’t really have the smarts but they sure got the strength... well atleast they can do voodoo.

III. Class Overview & Defining Characteristics
-The Techno Mage starts at level 55 and is a Hero Class
-The Techno Mage has 4 Specializations.
-The Techno Mage is a pet class. (Similar to Warlocks and Hunters)
-The Techno Mage uses a stance system called Apparatuses.
-The Techno Mage has a unique pet customization system called “Attachment Grid”.
-The Techno Mage begins with the engineering profession, but it can be removed.
-The Techno Mage uses two resources power and steam pressure.
-The Techno Mage doesn’t require engineering however they do complement each other really well.

IV. Resources & Equipment
1.)Power (Purple Bar): Power is the main resource for Techno Mages it has a value of 1%-100% it regenerates at a rate similar to mana; however, by auto attacking you recover it much faster at a rate similar to rage.

2.)Steam Pressure (Steam Pressure): Steam Pressure is a negative bar to keep to the origins of a true tinker. Basically it has a range value of 1%-100%, and each ability increases the Steam Pressure. When your Steam Pressure reaches 100% you get a debuff called Overload.

3.)Malfunctioning State (Debuff): The Higher your Steam Pressure is the higher your chances are of having your abilities Malfunction on you, what this does is it automatically causes whatever effect the ability does counter itself against yourself, or in the case of a enhancing or healing ability cause it to fail, and you also enter the Overload status.

4.)Overload (Debuff): This is a debuff that you gain when your Steam Pressure reaches 100%, basically the Steam pressure bar would highlight, and you would have to wait 1minute before using any abilities. However this can be reduced by half by eating or drinking. In addition you cannot command your pets, but they will auto attack if they are aggressive or in assist behavior.

5.)Energy (Pet Resource): Your physical and range pets use energy as there resource.

6.)Rage (Pet Resource): Your tanking pets use rage as there resource.

7.)Mana (Pet Resource): Your magical pets use mana as there resource.

8.)Apparatuses (Stance Resource): Apparatuses are suits, they can range from a melee suit that has multiknifes to a healing suit that has a healing ray. In these suits you have no limitations; however, the suits do promote different gameplay styles and improve some abilities.

9.)Attachment Grid (Pet Customization System): The Attachment Grid is a pet customization menu where you equip attachments. Attachments are gained by buying them from the npc at Techno Mage starting area, and special attachments from engineering.

V. Attachment Grid
Warlocks and Hunters both have things that set them apart, and with Techno Mages they are no exception the Attachment Grid system is basically a equipment system for your pet. To unlock these attachments you buy them from a npc in the House of Arcane Contraption. These Attachments have many features such as changing your bot gun to a Taser allowing you to stun enemies for a short duration, or even changing your tank claw to a sword removing your taunt effect but increasing DPS. In addition there is also cosmetic features such as changing the color of your bot, or changing there look completely think of pet glyphs. When you buy these attachments you learn them similar to glyphs and equip them on your bot you have 9 spaces like the glyphs and once a attachment is learned you never lose it; however, to remove a attachment you need to go to a robotic trainer and they will remove it for a fee.

Similar to Druids the Techno Mage has 4 Talent Trees.

1.)Occult (DPS caster): A master wizard that has retained most of there arcane training, and controls technology with arcane magic.
-Active Ability: Pistol Barrage: Uses 2 pistols to Fire a constant barrage of bullets causing shadow damage.

2.)Electromagnetic (Healing): A mad scientist that uses the power of lightning to heal his allies and create ungodly experiments.
-Active Ability: Healing Ray: Uses a Ray gun to recover your target. (Fast expensive heal)

3.)Magitech (Tank): A master tinker that uses many apparatuses depending on the situation, truly a master of all trades.
-Active Ability: Guardian Apparatuse: Equip a suit with a massive shield raising threat by ?% and defense by ?%.

4.)Robotics (Pet Tree DPS): A master tinker that uses robotics for combat it is said that the Techno Mage doesn’t use a remote to control his pets rather he infuses magic into them and controls them using his soul.
-Active Ability: Alert Bot: Summon a Alert Bot to draw the attention away from you.

More Coming Soon please give feedback for ideas on skills,special qualities, etc.

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