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4/26: Server Attendee Research:

4/25: No Fan Left Behind Beta Weekend!

Beta Client:

Info on how to choose and transfer servers:

4/12: Don't forget to keep up with GW2 communities at:

3/26: Press Beta Info:

3/20: Microtransactions:

3/12: Pre-purchase is coming:

3/11: GAMEBREAKER's Seven Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 WvW Wins:

2/24: Underwater arenas!

2/21: ANet blog update!

2/20: PRESS BETA WEEKEND INFO HERE! I will be continuously updating as more info arises:

For all compiled info: (German):



-eSports Past and Present - IPL:
-Career and Personal Life:




-Preview Trailer:
-Charr Starter Zone:

-**Closed Beta Test Coverage:
-**Guilds in Guild Wars 2:

Guild Wars 2 Insider:
-**Trait System Explained:

-**World vs World:
-**Conquest Mode:
-Playing the Mesmer:
-**Character Creation:


Jeux Video (in French):

Kill Ten Rats:

-Ten Things Learned During Beta:
-Crashing The Server:

-Elizabeth's Thoughts:
-Shawn's Thoughts:

Mike B:
-Starting Area Preview:
-**World Vs World:
-The Good And The Bad Of GW2:





Divinity's Reach tour:** - "Must Read" Article

Is anyone in beta yet? There are apparently screenshots floating around somewhere as well. Feb 20 is the big day for press beta info. I'll be updating EVERYTHING.

In the meantime, here's some more info on the droid/iphone GW2 app:

More info on racials, thankfully we can use them in WvWvW:

GW2 on consoles confirmed?:

Race height chart (wow, Charr are bigger than Norns?):
For those of you who have been asking, Team Legacy's beta server will be Crystal Desert. We will also be joined by Edge-Gaming and Pain Train. Those of you who wish to experience the Guild Wars 2 beta with our No Fan Left Behind promotion, feel free to join us on Crystal Desert this weekend! We hope to see you there!

For those of you who will not be participating in Beta Weekend, we will be streaming on various channels at

/end plug
I'll see you guys tonight when I get off work!
2 hours!!!!!


as much as i want to play it i cant atm but kick !@#!!!
04/27/2012 10:18 AMPosted by Aamar
Can we join Team Legacy for the Beta even if we didn't register on your website?

Absolutely! This event is being hosted for ALL Guild Wars 2 beta testers, regardless of community affiliation.

180 people in Teamspeak at the moment doing WvW, structured, leveling, doing dynamic events, etc etc etc. Come join!
First opinion of the game is good, I feel like the EXP rolls in kind of slow, and for some reason my beastly graphics card is still laggy, but I think I can blame both of those on several thousand people trying to play in one area.
For those of you not in this WvWvW, you are missing out. Legacy's server is wiping up the floor with 4chan's and reddit's. :P

And I completely agree, Aamar.
Bleh, imma miss the beta event =/

Imma probably get the preorder this weekend. Been anticipated for the PVP in GW2, gonna play both WoW and GW2.

Looks so damn fun, i'm impressed.


DAMNIT, digital is sold out >_> Better luck next weekend event.
Solid so far, some issues though.

- Horrible performance
- Terrible customization of keybindings
- attacks seem unresponsive sometimes, people whined about the flow of combat in ToR, this one is worse.
- some Quests are confusing, you enter the area but it doesnt explain what you need to do, and theres some terrible bugs around there.

Mind you, this is the Beta.. aslong as they get their arses in gear and fix a lot of issues (something ToR did not do) then they got themselves a solid game.
All the above is exactly what they're testing right now, so be sure to report everything you just said. But yeah, it's beta. Plus there are tons of people in small areas. Plus dynamic events are as self-explanatory as it gets.
I am, don't get defensive, I mentioned it's a beta and it's understandable.

I'm letting people know, because in the game right now people are constantly whining and I need to remind them It's a beta.

as for the "self explanatory" some of the Dynamic events are glitched, and yes I'm leaving feedback :)

PS the performance issues are everyone right now, not the people in small areas, people with top of the line PCs are getting 15 FPS in empty areas, again though, beta.
Could use a HD stream in your channel :(
Yup. I've dropped graphics down as low as it can go just to get a decent fps (game still looks good).

The big issue now is the massive lag they're trying to work through. Not sure how many servers are affected but the one I was on had 5-15 seconds of delay in attacks.

The system is quite good when it works and combat does flow much better that it does right now.

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