question about HoM and souldrinker

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im an frost orc dk and currently use 2 HoM, main with razorice and offhand with fallen crusader. i do have a 403 souldrinker in my bank. would it be beneficial to use it main hand, offhand or should i just stick to DW HoM?

just curious since ive seen a ton of threads debating the issue but nothing really solid.
It's not necessarily uncompetative to use it, but it will be a DPS loss since the proc doesn't gain you any DPS and you lose the stats. BUT, in progression raiding, in fights that aren't a DPS check, that little bit of survivability that it does bring could help the team just enough to get over any healing bumps.

Remember you can also switch out weapons mid-combat, but I believe that locks the proc for 30 seconds? So for example you could use it on Spine while having to DPS the amalg (relieving some stress should the debuff land on you) and switch to HoM when the amalg blows up to make sure you don't miss the DPS requirements.

TLDR - It's situational to the issues your raid team is having. It's a personal DPS loss, but could be enough of a survivability gain to help the team.
The Souldrinker would be superior in your Main Hand because it has a higher weapon damage value, and on top of that, its proc does give you DPS—it deals 1.5% of your total health in damage before healing you for double that value. The above poster appears to be confused as to what the proc of Souldrinker does.

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