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Emerald Dream
(( You guys all cry we formed a raid we waited. What gives? Bigger let down the fruit stripe gum! ))
Wow.. just wow.. the horde always talks crap, but can't back their words up. We waiting 10 extra minutes. Thanks for the let down.
04/25/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Mordrok
Mordrok will defend the ancestral homeland of Nagrand with his very life, if need be!
Coward. Orcs can't hold their ale or their own in a fight against the raw might of the Alliance
Alliance reads a challenge like this on the forum. The word spreads, we show up with 40 men and women, dwarf and night elf and worgen. all standing ready for action.

Horde makes the challenge like this on the forum. The word spreads, and "oh that's not good for me, oh that's not a good time, Oh this isn't a big deal" and the ones that do show up, fly over us and see our strength and fly off into the night. In groups of 10 and 20, when if they communicated and worked together They would have out-numbered us in the first place and we would have had a great time with an epic raid vs raid battle.

We want a war, Horde. Rise up! We're sick of wiping up Warsong Battalions daily Stormwind attempts with random trade citizens. Bring on the battles!
I'll be honest. I woke up late last night/early this morning throwing up, then slept most of the day and woke up about a half hour ago.

I'm disappointed in myself too, but the fact that someone else couldn't organize the raid when people were supposed to be out there is kind of a pisser.

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