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Alright So this is a new guild Looking for PRO HM Raiders and Casuals and PvPers can join also.

HM Progression - Looking for Dedicated and Experienced raiders to have this guild live up to its name.

Roster/Spots Open -
Tanks -

Traelar 397 Prot
Rockash 396 Blood 395 Frost

Healers -

Holy Pallly - Open
Resto Druid - Open
Rest Shammy w/ DPS Os - Open


Rogue - Open

Boomkin - Open

Mage - Open

Hunter - Open

Shadow Priest - OpenRaid Times(Server Time) - Tuesday 6-10 PM Thursday 6-10 PM Sunday 6-10 PM
12 Hours a Week.

Rules -
If you are simply bad you will be replaced
No screaming in Vent
Opinions are welcome Just message me during the raid and i will listen to your opinion.

Goals -
Guild Level 25 By MoP
8/8 HM By MoP
One of the top raiding guilds in MoP for Mal'ganis

If you are interested Message me in game
Ingame Name - Traelar
RealId - Joshselusion@yahoo.com

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Yeah... you might wanna use this talent tree, champ.
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