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Wyrmrest Accord
<Eranas Peace> is looking for dedicated members to help develop and promote a positive gaming environment. While in-game the guild is currently Horde, we are open to members regardless of faction, and of all classes, levels and playstyles.

Background Information:

Co-founded by Quentel and Tsalimesh, the guild was established in response to the hostility and elitism so prevalent in the WoW community. The guild's assertion is that people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, instead of focusing on damage meters and number crunching. Characters are not empty husks – behind each character is a person of complexity, depth and emotion. People deserve to be treated fairly, not harassed or hounded over how they play a game.

Our guild hopes to develop a strong, albeit possibly small, community of empathetic and understanding players willing to work together to ensure that the community is safe for everyone. This includes people of frequently targeted minorities such as (but certainly not limited to!) race or ethnicity, physical and/or mental disabilities, sexual orientation and gender identity. We strive to take every player's situations into consideration to keep our guild members happy and for the community to thrive.

While not an immediate priority, Tsalimesh and I are hoping to eventually develop a 10 man team of mature, respectful and accommodating players for end-game raiding content. You can read more about our general rules and guidelines for such a team at my gaming blog, http://chroniclesofacriplock.wordpress.com/ under the page On Raids, Rules and Regulations.

To learn more about the guild, our website is http://s15.zetaboards.com/Eranas_Peace/forum/3035187/. For those interested in joining, one can register to the site forums (where we can reach you through e-mail or PMs), reply to this thread or send a mail to either myself or Tsalimesh, the guild leader. We are even open to gamers that do not play WoW, so if you know someone that would be interested or could benefit from such a community, feel free to point them our way!

For those with visual impairments, our guild has implemented features and themes to help with readability. At the top of the website is a dropdown menu that can increase or decrease the font size throughout the site, and at the bottom is a dropdown menu for two themes designed for visibility purposes. One theme is a white background with black text, and the other is a black background with white text. Both of these themes have images removed, with links replaced with text for easier navigation with screen-readers. If you have a javascript blocking addon such as NoScript, scripts will need to be enabled for these features to work correctly!
Meet the Leaders

I am Tsalimesh, founder and co-owner of the guild Erana's Peace.

It is my hope that my guild becomes more than just another gathering point for players in the World of Warcraft. I dare strive for a guild that becomes a sanctuary, a haven, for those who would seek shelter from the less than forgiving players of WoW and the ever harmful attitudes and tact that come with such players.

Like the fictional haven from which our guild's name stems, Erana's Peace is meant to be a safe place for those who have grown tired of simply putting up with the attitude of others. In my haven - our haven, we work together in hopes of promoting a positive gaming environment for all. This is not something that is done easily, mind you; as it was with both Quentel and I, the changes can be a bit overwhelming and at times confusing. There is a great struggle at times to understand what it means to be able to promote a healthy gaming environment, but that is the journey our members will learn about and undergo. I, myself, have found this journey to be rewarding.

I could simply create a haven for a small group of people of whom I hold dear and trust - and only them. However, I have found that the harsher the surroundings, the more an area is in need of a sanctuary - pure and untouched by the painful wiles of those less considerate. So, I believe that WoW, while host to several elitists, is one of those communities that need a safe spot more than ever. I can only hope that Erana's Peace serves such a purpose.

Before I leave, I'd like to note my terminology and how I've placed such labels as inconsiderate and harmful upon an unspecified general mass. Membership to Erana's Peace has, is, and will always be open to anyone and everyone regardless of demographic. However, the doors are not open to the harmful attitudes that may accompany said people. To join Erana's Peace is to shed away the emotions, the stereotypes, the mannerisms, and even the preconceived notions of discrimination, bigotry, and prejudice that many may not even know about. In doing this, by only doing this, we create a better garden for those that would rest upon the flowers of peace - of Erana's Peace.
Meet the Leaders

hello there :) i am que, the head officer and co-founder of the guild. my primary roles in the guild are to help maintain the peace between guild members, as well as partaking in the interview process and the writer behind much of the guild's concepts, background information and regulations. the information is strongly based on the concepts of social justice and acceptance. so if there is any points that you need clarifying, you are more than welcome to ask me.

we decided to found this guild after much struggle finding guilds that were accepting and accommodating of disabilities and other circumstances. tsalimesh and i wanted to help others in similar situations, as we know from experience how harsh the community can be, so we wanted to create a community where people can be themselves without ridicule, and can be taken seriously and treated with kindness and respect. it has been a long, difficult road, but we are still doing everything we can to get the word out there, for folks that need this kind of safe space.

for new members, our guild is level 8 and thus provides an exp boost for leveling toons, a shortened hearth cooldown and a faster mounting speed. we are very close to level 9 by now, reducing armor durability loss. we have 7 guild bank tabs, and can help provide gear, potions and mats for leveling characters. i also have pretty much all of the professions in the game at max level, so i can also provide crafting services for anyone in need of assistance.

as mentioned in the OP, we are also looking for level 85 players to join a dedicated raid team for DS and Firelands 10m normal. the team would be run by the two of us, and are more than welcoming for players with disabilities who may need raid leaders to be accommodating of their circumstances. all we ask is that folks come with a positive attitude and a desire to work and succeed together as a team.

anyway, i look forward to meeting new people :) i'd love to hear from you! cheers.
bumping - lets get the word out there, folks! :)
Wow...theres a game I havent played in years.
Hey guys! I totally agree with your train of thought, this is exactly why I came to a great RP server (though admittedly, I'm not a competent RPer).

We have worked hard to build a similar community in Crusaders... and I can tell you its a lot of work, but stick with it and youll really get some amazing people playing with ya :D There are a lot of truly great people out there looking for guilds just like this.

So, that being said, heres a bump for you, and best of luck with your endeavors!!!
Hey guys! I totally agree with your train of thought, this is exactly why I came to a great RP server (though admittedly, I'm not a competent RPer).

We have worked hard to build a similar community in Crusaders... and I can tell you its a lot of work, but stick with it and youll really get some amazing people playing with ya :D There are a lot of truly great people out there looking for guilds just like this.

So, that being said, heres a bump for you, and best of luck with your endeavors!!!

i can totally relate. its one of the reasons why we started on wyrmrest - from our experiences rp servers seem to have fewer !@#$%^-s. and thank you for the vote of encouragement. we know its a rough path to take but we're not going to give up! :)
Bumping for a pair of nice folks!
Posted by Quentel
rp servers seem to have fewer !@#$%^-s

Eh, I wouldn't say that...

Possibly true Vincentus, but WrA, as far as my experience with server communities goes, definately has a higher % of awesome, and lower % of tools than other servers I've visited.

93% of all players on WrA are at least 85% happier here. The grass is 18% less green on the other side, and one last little known fact... at least 72% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

GL again guys :D
thank you to the both of you, juansun and freiha. your kind words and assistance mean a lot to us during these hard times. :)

for those interested, we are also now seeking members for a DS and FL 10 man team. at the moment we have one ranged dps, myself as affliction at ilvl 395, and tsalimesh as a disc priest at ilvl 390.

currently, we are on the lookout for:
2 tanks
2 healers
2 ranged dps
2 melee dps

while not absolutely necessary, we would prefer to have at least one death knight, be it tank or dps.

the days that we are currently available for raids are wednesdays and saturdays.

once there are more posts in the thread, i'll move this little announcement to the first post where its more visible. :)
bumpity bump! we'd love to see new members and interested applicants! :D
Let me give a nudge to this thread in the appropriate direction. I would like to see my guild flourish with respectful members.
bump, bump, rah rah rah! let's see some happy faces! :D

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